Institute of Directors join a growing list of HS2 opponents.

After a comprehensive survey of their member the Institute of Directors have decided that HS2 is “Not worth the money” and that it is a “Grand folly”, with Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors calling on the government to abandon HS2.  In a survey, that just 27 per cent feel the high-speed rail project represents good value for money and 70 per cent say the scheme will have no impact on the productivity of their business. While the HS2 business model replies on no-one ever working on trains, 94% of IoD members said they do work on trains.

This news follows hot on the heels from Sir Anthony Bamford, the chairman of JCB, warning that HS2 could drain funds from other vital transport schemes needed to boost economic growth, and the CBI suspending support for HS2 (though todays press throws confusion on whether they are sticking with that position) because of increased costs for the projects.

Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors said:

“Businesses up and down the country know value for money when they see it, and our research shows that they don’t see it in the government’s case for HS2. Overall there appears to be little enthusiasm amongst IoD members, not even in the regions where the benefits are supposed to be strongest. Indeed, our research shows that almost every region expects London to benefit the most.”

“The IoD cannot support the government’s current economic case for HS2 when so many of our members are doubtful of the benefits. We agree with the need for key infrastructure spending, but the business case for HS2 simply is not there. The money would be far better spent elsewhere and in a way that will benefit much more of the country. Investment in the West and East Coast main lines combined with a variety of other infrastructure projects would be a far more sensible option.”

“It is time for the government to look at a thousand smaller projects instead of falling for one grand folly.”

Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin said:

“The IoD are another independent  organisation in a very long line of groups which, if the Governments claims about HS2 stood up to scrutiny, would be supporting HS2, but they are not because the entire case for HS2 has been completely fabricated. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at economic activity, regional growth, environmental impacts or even the last argument standing about capacity, none of the arguments for HS2 stack up. This Whitehall Elephant has to be stopped before it tramples across our future. Whichever argument you look at, there is simply no case for HS2, but we have politicians of all hues not interested in the facts.”

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  1. Huge Scar 2 will cause massive environmental damage in our area. Destroying habitat for wildlife and bringing unacceptable noise levels which will bring long term damaging effects for residents and visitors. Travel times will not be improved and it will not bring any benefits to our part of Yorkshire. The sad irony being that Huge Scar 2 will also cause damage to the first nature reserve in the world, created by Charles Waterton.
    A man who also won the first environmental legal action. He is buried very near to the HS2 route and will be shaken in his grave every few minutes should it go ahead.
    Stop HS2 now ! Invest in nationwide better / faster / more secure web communication and improve current road networks.
    Roger Parkinson BEM
    2012 Winner of The National Trusts – Octavia Hill Award

  2. Wonder how the iod feel about being told by Norman Baker that the reason they do not support hs2 is that they are ill informed!

  3. In this morning’s phone-in on BBC it was claimed by HS2 that the response of members of the Institute of Directors was too small ( 4% I think it said) to be representative and was therefore dismissed,

  4. High Speed Rail isn’t for everyone. The French, the English. The Germans, The Japanese, The Chinese but not America. We don’t need any competition to the Airplane or the car. We need 3 legs for defense but not for transportation. It makes perfect sense to send a plane hopping from point to point every 100 miles.

    My brother-in-law needs those highway jobs. He can count on every couple of years ripping up old concrete and replacing it with new concrete. Roads aren’t for cars anyway they are a jobs bill that just keeps paying and paying.

    Get serious, no plane trip should be less than 500 miles. HS rail should cover the 500 miles with local milk train filling in between.

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