HS2 Ltd CEO Simon Kirby to quit.

Simon Kirby, the highest paid civil servant in the country is to quit as Chief Executive at HS2 Ltd for a job as Chief Operating Officer at Rolls-Royce Holdings, according to the engine manufacturer.

Kirby was announced as CEO of HS2 Ltd in January 2014, but controversially did not join HS2 Ltd until June 2014, meaning he could cash in on a £300,000 ‘loyalty bonus’ from Network Rail. Not long after he and Chairman Sir David Higgins joined from Network Rail, it became evident that many of the projects they had been responsible were over budget and behind schedule, leading to then Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin ‘pausing’ electrification projects pending review.

On joining HS2 Ltd, Kirby became the highest paid civil servant in the country, earning £750,000, five times the salary of the Prime Minister. he justified this saying he could get the project in on time and budget, but since then both the budget and the timescales have gone the wrong way.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin responded:

“When Simon Kirby was at Network Rail, he presided over failing projects with inflating costs and delays, but got out before anyone noticed how bad it really was. With HS2 deadlines constantly put back, spiralling costs, secret reports and devastating analyses of the project from every independent body which has investigated it, you can’t help think he is doing the same thing again, getting out before the true scale of the mess he has presided over is realised.”

“The departure of Simon Kirby will be a serious blow to those who champion HS2, though many of us are at a complete loss to see just exactly what it is he has done to justify his three-quarter of a million pay packet.”

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  1. Ian Katz
    Ian Katz‏ @iankatz1000

    HS2 boss Simon Kirby received a £300k “loyalty bonus”…shortly before leaving to take up new job at Rolls Royce

    Just seen this and am lost for words that are printable!

  2. Beginning of the end. End of the beginning. Keep petitioning to get across the expense for so little. Wrong plan for UK.

  3. How dare they. It’s a day light robbery. Isn’t there anyone to stop them. Where is my prime minister. We have been in battle with hs2 for two years over the lost of value in our house and they could not be honourable to purchase my beautiful house on the market value. And now the bosses earning millions to only full fill their own pocket. Why there is no one for us. We have been through hardship. But where is my rightfully compensation???

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