New Transport Secretary: Louise Haigh

Sir Kier Starmer has made Louise Haigh the new Secretary of State for Transport.  Ms Haigh is the MP for Sheffield Heeley.

Portrait of Louise Haigh

This carries on from her role as shadow Transport Secretary.

In April, she told Good Morning Britain, that Labour had “no plans to take HS2 back off the shelf… But we have no plans to resurrect HS2 as it stands.”  Haigh was asked about reports that Labour wanted to build HS2 beyond Birmingham and Crewe: she dismissed this as an “unsourced brief” and repeated that they had no plans to “take HS2 off the shelf”

Last year, in response to Sunak’s cancelling HS2 beyond Birmingham, she said

“This staggering Tory fiasco has seen costs soar, and the North and Midlands are left to pay the price.

“Only after 13 years of dismal failure could the Conservatives make the centrepiece of their conference a re-announcement of promises the Conservatives have made before.

“Is there anything more emblematic of 13 years of dismal failure by this broken government than their flagship levelling-up project that fails to even reach the north?

“What started as a modern infrastructure plan left by the last Labour government has, after 13 years of incompetence, waste, and broken promises become a colossal symbol of Conservative failure.”

Meanwhile the last three Conservative Secretaries of State for Transport lost the election: Mark Harper, Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Grant Shapps.  Chris Grayling was stepping down anyway.



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