Come and exercise your democratic rights in Parliament this Wednesday

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Cairns and Matt Bishop invite you to join them in Parliament. This event will NOT be happening in Portcullis House, no matter what Facebook says, and there is no rally in outside Parliament either. Stop HS2 will also be launching our latest briefing for MPs that day, but that is a separate thing, so sorry for any confusion as the two things got a bit mixed up!

Here is a personal ask from Elizabeth for you to join her.

I’m asking people to come as individuals, to use your democratic right to visit parliament, lobby your MP and make your voice heard. I will be there with my family from 11am and plan to stay in the public spaces (st Stephens hall) peacefully as long as I am able to be there and welcome anyone who wishes to join me.

We need people from every constituency affected by HS2 and that means every constituency in the uk.

This is a £100billion tax payer funded project that is devastating our environment in a time of climate emergency.

People were not properly consulted about this project. It was sold to MP’s with no plans or schedules, they voted on an idea and the roll out of that idea is proving catastrophic. A mismanaged massive waste of tax payers money.

The time to stop it is NOW!

We will be taking letters and statements to MP’s across the country, urging them to act and speak out against this project in their constituencies and in the house and giving them the reasons why they should call for an immediate halt of all works.

If you feel strongly that HS2 should be stopped please help.

We need to make it clear and make it heard that people from all over the UK don’t want HS2 to go ahead. We’ve signed petitions, we’ve walked, we’ve taken dummy train sets to Downing Street, we’ve rallied, we’ve stood for the trees on the front lines and now we take the message directly to those in power.

We will be visiting Parliament. As individuals taking letters from people all over the country to present to Parliament and we need you to add your voice.

Please write to Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps and your local MP in your own words.

Tell them, honestly, openly and in no uncertain terms why you feel strongly that this project can not be allowed to continue. Whatever your reasons.

Let them know, if they truly represent us, if they genuinely have the best interests of the nation at heart then they must act now and stop HS2.

You might be writing, as I will, to be a voice for our natural world. To let them know that in this time of climate crisis it is unthinkable that we would be deforesting at all let alone at this catastrophic scale, inconceivable that we would put so much of our precious ecology and diversity at risk.

You might choose to write, as many others have, to share your own story of loss and grief at the destruction of home, livelihood, and in many cases life.

You might wish to be a voice for all those who would otherwise benefit from the £100billion + that this project is costing the nation. For those struggling to keep our crumbing NHS alive, or perhaps those manning the thousands of food banks across the UK supporting countless families in poverty.

Whatever your reason. Take the 10 minutes now to write that letter. You can bring it directly yourself, or, if you’d like to add it to the pile of collective voices that we will present to Parliament on 22nd please email it to Your contact details will not be retained and the contents of your letter will remain strictly confidential unless you say otherwise.

Bring your peaceful presence and help bring our Government to its senses.

PLEASE NOTE: we are asking people to visit parliament as individuals as is your democratic right. This is not a mass ‘protest’. Banners slogans T-shirts are not normally allowed within parliament buildings and may be removed.

For updates on this event please follow on telegram

The latest details are on the Facebook page.

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  1. Our local Doctors surgery in Byfield as put in planning for a new surgery to acomadate all the new homes being built in the area .After several applications the latest being turned down by the planners ,yet Hs2 line in the next village to the surgery flew through with the planners blessing .Surly there is something very wrong

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