They’re dreaming it’s a White Elephant

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From the Archives: A Cameron MilibandClegg HS2 Christmas Song

They’re dreaming it’s a White Elephant
Each time they go to bed at night
McLaughlin lying cos HS2’s dying
Their nightmares now show all the blight

They know that it’s a White Elephant
With every veto that they write
May its noise be absent no fright
And may all our efforts make it right

Cameron’s worried it’s a White Elephant
There’s no one else who will invest
Where his eyes just glisten and none will listen
The public votes will be the test

Ed Balls knows that it’s a White Elephant
His no blank cheque just said it all
His stance may cause him to fall
And may his leader fail to rule without a ball

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  1. This is distorted reporting but much of HS2 is distorted.

    Old Heffer’s Almanac 2015: Russell Brand humiliated. Germany …

    Daily Mail-

    Facing a backlash in constituencies affected by HS2, the Tories promise that three-quarters of the route will be in tunnels, pushing back the completion date to …

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  3. What petitioning paragraphs are being disallowed, can these be reviewed and a Standing Committee deal with each of the repeating issues including route changes to provide less damage and more benefits

    Can the disallowed petitioning paragraphs to date be obtained and scrutinised and a Standing Committee be established to deal with the very important matters arising for route changes currently out of the remit of the Select Committee which need assessing as the HS2 route does not result in the least damage or the greatest benefits.

    The people losing land and businesses and communities losing facilities deserve another Standing Committee or Bill Committee to take seriously the impacts not addressible by the Select Committee.

    Also the current petitioner assurances and undertakings should be put to another Committee that can consider the collective impacts from the petions todate and the how route changes can reduce damage and add benefits in some sections.

    Can the Government provide a budget for the mitigation costs from the petitions heard and for those thousand plus remaining.

    The HS2 Route from London to Birmingham neither optimises regeneration or the rail and road to rail connectivity and does not result in the least damage and loss in rural sections from the M25 to the M42/M6.

    Time for a stock take of the damage and loss and the issues not being permitted from the Select Committee and HS2. Ask your MP what they can do to have another Committee deal with the large changes needed please. Merry Christmas and a better and more restorative 2015.

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