HS2 hits the EU Parliament

On 15th December, HS2 was finally mentioned in the EU Parliament. Here is the speech made under the one-minute rule by Jill Seymour MEP.

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  1. Just want to thank all who are working so hard trying to stop this dreadful thing happening to our countryside.Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and may the new year bring us great Joy.

  2. Europe and the UK suffer from bad debt management and overspending and over promising.

    The projected spending for Local Authorities and for road repairs all in the low Billions demonstrate a risk with future Government savings having to be made.

    The UK has a number of very large expenditure items for power and public used infrastructure of over several hundreds of billions of pounds which it cannot afford currently without risking the debt borrowing rating. It is possible HS2 is in this category of too expensive at this time when there is risk of bad debt increases. As the Coalition realised that the next Parliament will be difficult to manage and is expanding the debt bubble for the next Government to fail to enable a return in 2020. Salaries and pensions are paid even when a MP is a member of the opposition. Are this Coalition ready to tip toe away leaving the next Government to reassess the priorities for which energy and electrical power are more likely to benefit the UK population more than the HS2 route with its lack of local transport benefit. HS2 never demonstrated the better route or the least damaging route their objectives failed communities with the large on route populations. Hopefully 2015 offers the public the opportunity to witness more rational transparent decision making.

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