Merry Christmas from Stop HS2

Merry Christmas from all at Stop HS2!

Hover pod looking at HS2, saying it was Cameron's folly - by Bill Stott

by Bill Stott

Merry Christmas from all at Stop HS2!

One comment to “Merry Christmas from Stop HS2”
  1. Failure to prioritise national requirements
    Too much constraining politics and legislation
    Too much following lobbies and vested interests
    Too much of following the wrong trends and fads
    Not just the MPs but also the Civil Servants. Together they are failing the UK citizens and new generations in the UK.
    UK needs new practical plans that meet the UK needs first
    UK has not replaced power stations to ensure future capacity
    Coal and Gas pulling their weight for Christmas Lunch Nuclear not holding the GW requirement over lunch time.

    Electricity transmission operational data | National Grid…/electricity-transmission-operational-data/

    Often, the system frequency is used as a measure of the state of balance of the system. … 300 Mw. Demand-side services help to balance the system. Further to …

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