A year of HS2 Phase 2

It’s a year ago today that the Transport Secretary announced the Phase 2 route for HS2. Stop HS2 was there on the day to help support people who had just found out they were affected, to investigate the new information and to publicise the problems.

Since then, Stop HS2 and our supporters have continued to actively campaign against HS2.

We’ve held a national convention at the Stafford Showground, attended by hundreds of ordinary people. We’ve organised a packed out Lobby Day and demonstration at Parliament. We’ve been to the party conferences, including a stand at the Labour Conference. We’ve supported local action groups and helped set up new ones on Phase 2. We’ve submitted evidence to numerous Parliamentary and other bodies, including giving crucial oral evidence to the Lords Standing Orders Committee which extended the date of the Phase 1 Environmental Statement consultation by over a month.

Our supporters have made numerous national and local TV and radio appearances. These have included Countryfile and the Moral Maze, as well as news programs. We’ve worked with numerous organisations, including 38 degrees, the Woodland Trust, the Wildlife Trusts and other groups to investigate and highlight the problems with HS2. Our supporters have studied the documents and maps. We’ve worked with Agahst, local action groups, councils and political parties to ensure politicians, journalists and the public know what the problems are with HS2.

Over the last year, opposition to HS2 has increased massively. The last YouGov poll showed that 53% of people across the country oppose HS2, including in the North: only 27% of people want it built. Politicians across the political spectrum are coming out against HS2. The official costs have gone up to £50 billion, and the benefits have come down.

As a grassroots campaign, we know the importance of many people doing their bit to oppose HS2. (In particular, we’d like to remind you about the Phase 2 Route consultation which finishes this Friday, 31st January.)

However, many of the things we do need funding. We’ll be going to the Spring party conferences in March, and it costs money to book stands and print leaflets.

One off donations are great, but regular standing orders help us plan – you can download our standing order form here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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