Yorkshire businesses against HS2

Last week the Yorkshire Post published the results of their survey, conducted with Naborro, of Yorkshire businesses and their views of HS2.  As the Yorkshire Post said

SMALL and medium-sized businesses in Yorkshire have delivered a resounding rejection of key Government arguments for HS2.

Damning new research shows the scale of the task facing ministers in keeping the £50bn project on track.

Findings reveal a lack of business appetite, a mistrust of the supposed economic benefits for the North, demand for construction to begin at both ends and desire for alternative investment in existing infrastructure.

The report says

Against this background, we sought to learn whether business believed that the HS2 project would actually go ahead, and whether there was a strong appetite for HS2 amongst the business community if it did.

When asked about their attitude to HS2, only 34% were positively disposed to it, 54% were negative towards it, and 12% were indifferent.

Some other findings from the report:

  • 58% of small and medium businesses did not want HS2 to happen
  • 62% said Yorkshire did not need HS2
  • 59% said HS2 will not benefit the North
  • 63% said HS2 was “simply extending the commuter belt for London”
  • 88% of respondents thought that cancelling HS2 would not result in economic loss for their business.
  • 69% of respondents said they did not think that the lack of a dedicated high speed rail north of London would put the UK at a competitive disadvantage.

The report itself can be downloaded from http://www.nabarro.com/downloads/HS2_Yorkshire_Business_Survey.pdf

2 comments to “Yorkshire businesses against HS2”
  1. The initial quote is around £50bn, This will obviously increase as they start making changes and adjustments due to complications. The end bill will be closer to £150bn and will end up as a heavy burden on the tax payer.
    This whole scam is a common con used on almost every government contract over the past 50 years yet our ignorant government continues to squander our wealth on fruitless projects. On top of this they will be destroying thousands of acres of our most valuable possession along with a number of SSSI sites.
    This stinks of pure corruption.

  2. Is new litigation possible be demonstrating the details on hs2 are not specific and land owner rights in law are being ousted without primary legislation. Are there plannng lawyers who can make the case for another judicial review prior to the reading of hybrid bill. Is there a new challenge available in the next two weeks please. There is some doubt on details in the current ES maps which can be used to show lack of finalisation of detail not about the EIA/SEA aspect but about the abuse for which a hybrid bill is not acceptable. Please advise your MP where you believe the ES drawings are no showing specific detail please.

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