First Reports from Stop HS2 convention

Thank you to everyone who came to the Stop HS2 convention yesterday: it was an enjoyable and informative day. In particular, thank you to all the people involved in organising it and in giving sessions. In particular, Sara Dyott and Madeleine Wahlberg, who put in a tremendous amount of planning and preparation to make the day go smoothly for everyone.

ITV Central News report from Stop HS2 Convention, Staffordshire

(We will have a lot more footage from the sessions which were filmed.)

3 comments to “First Reports from Stop HS2 convention”
  1. A very well organised and professional day.
    Mr Osborn has a fight on his hands as we are here for the duration.

    HS2, the biggest waiste of public money ever!

    • How true, Mr.Brooke-“the biggest waiste of public money ever”. I fancy you are following the point so often made by J.Davis and that it is once again presumably the “squeezed middle” who will pay the priece/ pryce/- cost.

      • Yes John
        This is the sort of project that I would have expected Homer Simpson to come up with.
        I keep waiting for Krusty the clown the to take of his make up and announce his name is George Osborn.

        In the mean time I keep paying my Taxes and hoping that one day a British government will actually invest my hard earnt money in a project that makes sense!

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