Stop HS2 at the Houses of Parliament

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came yesterday, to everyone who let MPs and other politicians know about it and to everyone who helped make the day such a success.

We had a constant flow of people arriving, speaking, giving interviews and going to meetings. We’ve seen that it’s been reported that there were 500+ people there, which is a very good number, especially as we weren’t all outside at the same time.

During the main demonstration, the Stop HS2 white elephant was up, and attracted plenty of attractions, along with some otters, who were there to show the ‘utter madness of HS2’.  There were a wide variety of speakers, including Cheryl Gillan, Paul Nuttall, Joe Rukin, Penny Gaines, Trevor Forrester,Andrew Mason, Deanne DuKhan, Don Hitchcock, Andrew Mason, Keri Brennan, Archie Taylor, and Richard Lloyd.

In the afternoon, the main speaking event inside the House of Parliament was crammed full, with numerous people being unable to get in to hear from the speakers.  The speakers at the two events included Bill Cash, Jeremy Lefroy, Andrew Bridgen, Kelvin Hopkins, Barry Sheerman, Andrea Leadsom, Dan Byles, Philip Lund, Robert Oxley, with Joe Rukin chairing.

The overflow room, originally booked for meetings with MPs turned into an impromptu discussion with many people listening to David Lidington’s researcher trying to defend the position of government ministers.

The speaking event was repeated, with some people coming to both sessions.

If you’ve got any photos, or recordings of the day, please let us know at


Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013


Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration 25th November 2013

Stop HS2 Lobby Day demonstration


7 comments to “Stop HS2 at the Houses of Parliament”
  1. The problem with the Stop HS2 Campaigners is that we are like Diogenes with his lamp in our attempt to have a meaningful argument .

    1) A topical discourse

    “The beauty of our landscape, the particular cultures and traditions that rural life sustains – these are national treasures, to be cherished and protected for everyone’s benefit. It’s not enough for politicians just to say that – we need leaders who really understand it and feel it in their bones. I do.”

    David Cameron addressing CPRE 12th May 2008
    (These earlier statements are harder to find on line. Wonder why?)

    “When the mind’s eye rests on objects illuminated by truth and reality, it understands and comprehends them, and functions intelligently; but when it turns to the twilight world of change and decay, it can only form opinions, its vision is confused and its beliefs shifting, and it seems to lack intelligence”.
    (Plato, Republic)

    2) statement of facts
    a) HS2 ltd E.S. Sectors Covering Chilterns AONB . You have 35 working days to respond

    b) “The proposed HS2 route will impact directly and indirectly on many aspects of life in the AONB, including its landscapes, wildlife, historic and cultural heritage, communities and local economy, recreation and access.
    Chilterns AONB Conservation Board

    3) statement of historical opinion

    Machiavellianism is “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct”

    4) Bit of fun. Fantasy Machiavellianism and HS2

    Score yourself and then PM, McLoughlin and Ms A Monroe based on your received perception of their behaviours re HS2 as you experienced it. Who was your winning Prince?
    It will give you a sense of what the interactive relationship between you and them has achieved in your mind at least.
    PS this is a bona fide test site please do not check ‘accurate’ or ‘use for research’ mark these as no for the fantasy ones.It’s quite fun to test oneself honestly.

  2. Does this bill commit to building phase 2 or are we all expected to be blighted for a line that may never go beyond Birmingham

  3. Why HS2? If capacity is the main need, HS2 is not of any use until 2027, always assuming that the first stage is built on time. Long distance business travel whether rail, air or car is declining, for cost and technology reasons, unsurprisingly.
    This message needs to be emphasised to all our MPs who make ill-informed judgements. No doubt for the Conservatives this is largely as a result of pressure from the Whips. In the last voting on the “paving” Bill, 57 Conservative MPs did not vote, also 157 Labour MPs, so much for “all-party” support.
    Justice and fairness would indicate that the whole HS2 project should be looked at again, as recommended
    by the PAC and Treasury Select Committee, which have been arrogantly ignored by Tory decision takers.
    Shame on them!

  4. Got another angle on a McClooger quote to put to the HM Gov/HS2 rep at your next local you’re gonna get HS2 like it or not ‘forum’ .Ask him/her to contradict something like ” HS2’s supporters/proponents are risking our children’s & Britain’s future.” while they demolish our homes.Watch ’em squirm, but film it while you do it.

  5. Well done everyone,wish I had been with you.I hope that you were able to get through to many people how bad this project is.

  6. A good day yesterday and ITV Meridian 6pm news gave reasonable coverage even had me on for about 20secs although they spelt my name wrong. I can’t copy the ITV coverage but someone may be able to blog it.

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