HS2 Ltd pull out all the stops to fell ancient woodlands during Covid 19 crisis

If it wasn’t bade enough that HS2 Ltd are planning to cut down ancient woodland with nesting birds during nesting season, it now seems they are even more desperate to get the work down before they get shut down due to the Covid 19 crisis.

This video is a follow-up to the “HS2 fails to measure up” film from last year, as Joe gets to make a more accurate measurement of the land-take through Broadwells Wood.

The Stop HS2 Christmas Message 2019

Seasons greetings from all of us at Stop HS2.

HS2 has never been more likely to be cancelled than it is right now, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over: we’ve got a couple of things you could do in the next few days.

Boris Johnson owes his majority to the fact his party won seats in towns that have been left behind, and HS2 is just more of the same.  Meanwhile lobbyists will be trying to con those new MPs into thinking exactly the opposite.  So, with that in mind, could you write to your MP, telling them you are opposed to HS2 and want them to let the Prime Minister know.

Meanwhile, the review of HS2 is not now expected to report back until February, but the environmental destruction continues. So we really hope you can join us and Chris Packham as we Stand for the Trees in Denham on 29th December.

This is a in interactive 5km walk from Denham rail station (UB9 5ES) at 12.15pm.  But if you just want to do a bit of the walk there are details of where to meet mid route on the Facebook page.

The big deal right now is the fact HS2 was not backed in the Queen’s Speech. This means it’s all very much all up for grabs. With that in mind, our Christmas message to you is below, because make no mistake, the future of HS2 will be decided in the next five weeks or so, and we need you, and we need you now!

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Merry Christmas, Joe & Penny.


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HS2 fails to measure up.

While proponents of HS2 try to pretend that the environmental impact of HS2 isn’t that big, Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin measures up exactly what the impact will be.

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