Bentonite Factory Plans Prompt 5th HS2 Protection Camp, as Wendover Active Resistance Founded

Over the new year period the fifth HS2 protection camp has been founded, with Wendover following in the footsteps of Harefield, Cubbington, Kenilworth and Great Missenden. The new camp is just outside Wendover in a small woodland on the A413 in a small woodland, directly in the path of the proposed HS2 line, postcode HP22 6PQ. Organisers hoping it will become a a new hub of community involvement, especially given that it now turns out the impact of HS2 in the area will be far worse than expected, with the area around the planned the viaduct that having now been confirmed to be just part of a wide scale industrial development, as a Bentonite factory that will become a hive of heavy goods vehicles now on the cards.

There is an outreach event this Sunday, 5th January 2020 at 11am, with the camp inviting members of the local community to meet at Wendover Train station to make the short walk to the memorial gardens just up the hill. Here we would like to take the time to stop and reflect on the battle so far and what’s to come. The HS2 viaduct will be plotting straight through this established memorial garden and cottages opposite. They hope people can “Bring signs, bring stories, bring friends and bring hope.”


The Wendover Active Resistance Camp has issued these stated aims, and has already and want to continue working closely with the local community to fulfil them:

The Resistance of continued work by HS2 and contractors

Community awareness, engagement, training and education

A physical hub for the community and the local campaign

Protect the ecosystem, animals and woodlands surrounding Wendover

Protecting the community when called upon

Resisting forced evictions

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  1. So proud of these wonderful protectors in standing up to large scale construction industry corruption. Villages and communities along the route have been fed lies and deceit for years with denial of the vast amounts of damage that will be done to their areas: the destruction of AONB’s, SSSI’s, Ancient Woodlands, pollution of Aquifers, the wiping out of villages, communities and lives.

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