HS2 fails to measure up.

While proponents of HS2 try to pretend that the environmental impact of HS2 isn’t that big, Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin measures up exactly what the impact will be.

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2 comments to “HS2 fails to measure up.”
  1. Joe, thank you for making it so clear in your video what the damage to our countryside and ancient woodland will look like when HS2 arrives in your area. Sadly it has already happened elsewhere. Environmental organisations that should be shouting from the roof tops to stop this devastation are eerily silent and carry on accepting money from HS2. Who knows, maybe in one of those ancient wood lands is the cure for cancer or another disease but we will never have chance to find it.
    HS2 is the cancer that this Government imposes on the taxpayer.

  2. So, Boris Johnson says support HS2, whatever the cost may be. How about £150bn.or £200bn?
    Anyone who thought Johnson might show some common sense disillusioned, or perhaps we just thought they (Govt.) will just do as they want, as ever.
    It still stinks, Boris.

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