HS2 Ltd pull out all the stops to fell ancient woodlands during Covid 19 crisis

If it wasn’t bade enough that HS2 Ltd are planning to cut down ancient woodland with nesting birds during nesting season, it now seems they are even more desperate to get the work down before they get shut down due to the Covid 19 crisis.

This video is a follow-up to the “HS2 fails to measure up” film from last year, as Joe gets to make a more accurate measurement of the land-take through Broadwells Wood.

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  1. The decision by the High court against Chris Packham’s legal challenge is unfortunate and illogical. It was stated that the cost of pausing the project while a full judicial review took place, would be about £20m.,which compares to the projected cost of £100bn. Comments that this appeal should have been made during the consultation process…. Ha! There was no consultation process, that’s the problem, obstacles were put in place against any objectors, residents were NEVER consulted, they were simply told what was going to happen, any changes were trivial, and hard won. To ensure that the HS2 project would get through the Commons MPs were whipped. Appeals to the House of Lords were a waste of time, To add insult to injury we had the “independent” Oakervee report which was designed to get the go-ahead for the project, in fact there was a press report that the tunnelling machines were ordered before the go-ahead was given. Absolutely risible.
    Meanwhile, life has changed enormously, huge sums are being provided to prop up the economy. I doubt very much if a majority of MPs would support the project now, particularly with the publicity given to the appalling environmental destruction being wrought by HS2 Ltd. HS2 remains a giant folly, with virtually no public support, but the Govt. just goes ahead, regardless.

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