HS2 Ltd are blatantly ignoring covid 19 social distancing requirements

On Sunday 22nd March, Boris Johnson reiterated the need for social distancing, following a weekend when many people went out in the sunshine during the Covid-19 crisis. The day after, it was very clear that these words of warning had been lost on HS2 Ltd.

One comment to “HS2 Ltd are blatantly ignoring covid 19 social distancing requirements”
  1. HS2 should be scrapped and this money to be ploughed into saving wildlife, NHS, and saving the country. If the Government can find money for HS2, then why did they have spending cuts since 2010. People in this country I dont know why voted them in, when Boris told lies. I just think everybody who voted them in are twats and I will be glad to say to them, well I told you so. we have not got the european court anymore to keep our government in line. They dont listen to peoplein this country. God bless Labours new leader and I hope the party will be drawn together and win next time and go back into europe.

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