Where to get hold of copies of the Hybrid Bill

At 50,000 pages, the Hybrid Bill and the associated environmental statement take up a sizeable chunk of space. The Bill itself was put before Parliament in the form of a memory stick, the first Bill to be so deposited.

Copies of the documents are available to view in local libraries, council offices etc.  (Please note some Parish Councils do not have dedicated offices, so some of these documents are having to be stored in the homes of the Parish Clerks.)

HS2 Ltd have lists of the places where the documents ware located: see http://www.hs2.org.uk/hs2-phase-one-hybrid-bill/hybrid-bill?cfa_dropdown=826.

These lists can also be downloaded as a PDF:

The bill itself can be bought from The Stationary Office.

The documentation can be downloaded: see https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/hs2-phase-one-environmental-statement-documents.

The HS2 Ltd website says that individuals can apply for a limited set of environmental documents for one local area free of charge.

You will be able to order more documents from 6pm on Friday from the HS2 Ltd online shop.  (They have not supplied the link address for the shop yet.)  The price list has documents ranging from £7.50 to an eye watering £571.00.  A memory stick of the documents will cost £25.

8 comments to “Where to get hold of copies of the Hybrid Bill”
  1. It must be great for the Chinese to find another government who don’t listen to its people and do just what they want to do no what ever over there people the sooner The PM goes the better and we can cancel the wonga loan he has had to build hs2

  2. So the PM wants the Chinese to help build his pet project hs2 why don’t he let them have his job they could do a better job and let him stay there and not come back

  3. I now read in the mail amazon will not use hs2 instead they will delivered by drones that will be ready in 4yrs time ,this is forward thinking in 30yrs time with self drive cars this Victorian project will be redundant before it is finished at a cost of billions countryside homes business and wildlife life it should be stopped now

  4. I can not fit double glazing in our old cottage due to planning rules yet hs 2 can rip through grave yards farms homes business woodlands where is the logic ?

  5. We’re all playing by their rules & no matter how much you argue the toss , if the sky is blue they’ll say it’s black or whatever.They’re cracking , take the mick & go for say a public burning or recycling of this tosh in all its gobbledegook form. They are your servants supposedely,not the other way round you tell them what to do.
    Could somebody contradict me on this revolutionary theory & I am neither left nor right , but libertarian not liberal.

  6. TROJAN HORSE (a land grab by any other name)
    Clause 47

    HS2 has been rolled out as the Panacea for the UKplc ills.
    It seems to have acted as a paregoric for our elected members whose debate has been intoxicated (in the main) but desoltury and befuddled in respect of important detail.
    Watch out for Clause 47
    I hope our parliamentary guardians and other bodies are alert and acting for the common good because the
    SoS Transport seems to have given himself and HS2 ltd some extraordinary powers.
    Clause 47 of the Bill. This states that if the transport secretary “considers that the construction or operation of phase one of High Speed Two gives rise to the opportunity for regeneration or development of any land, (he) may acquire the land compulsorily”.

    Specialist Lawyers have described “new and unprecedented general power” that had “no spatial limit”.
    ” an understandable power for the Department for Transport to be seeking for a project of this size and to shore up the economic case”
    Paliament should “baulk at its scope and breadth and potentially unintended blighting effect, given the apparent absence of any time limit”.

    Another specilaist said “such a power could potentially be used for a large housing or retail development close to a station”.: “There needs to be a clear understanding of what the basis of that power is and how the secretary of state would use it.”Otherwise, there will be a concern that it’s going to lead to the secretary of state rather than local authorities determining appropriate opportunities for development around stations.”


  7. Try applying all the relevant documentation to your village or farm it is not easy. If there is one law suit to file to HS2 it is the unreasonableness of this vague consultation. Totally unrealistic demand. Contemptable against people dazed by the finding of footpath to be closed signs and the dogmatic defence of Phase 1 Route 3. The fair consultation criteria are not achieved with this humilating task forced on people. How can to stay in a Library for days to review the Gigabytes and detailed maps. Better the people using this web post advice on how to approach the examination of the Environmental Statement and apply it to the bland vague questionnaire commenting. What approaches are required to complete each of the Volume comment entries please. What realationship is required between comments and items in the future petitioning submissions please.
    Needs people to suggest how to decode the Environment Statement to generate the comments. What approaches are suggested for each Volume please.

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