HS2 Ltd’s Estimate of Expense

The Estimate of Expense sets out a single page summary of the estimated cost of the HS2 Phase 1 works.

The contents was agreed by the HS2 Ltd board and it can be downloaded from the HS2 Ltd website  and we’ve saved a copy here.

High speed Rail (London – West Midlands)

Estimate of Expense

Purchase of land, minerals and permanent rights including easements for works


Railway works:-
Permanent ways


Earthworks, including site clearance and spoil disposal, drainage and landscaping works


Station and station improvements, maintenance and other depots, vehicle parks, buildings (brick, concrete and steel) and associated works


Tunnels, including ventilation and drainage, and Bridges including viaducts and other structures


Electrical and other equipment


Signalling and telecommunications




Roads, street and paved areas (concrete or bituminous surface), bridges (steel and concrete) and other structures




Sewers (in concrete or glazed ware)


Diversion of overhead electric lines


Associated utility works:-
Electricity mains


Gas Mains


Sewers, foul and surface water


Water supply mains and distribution


Telecommunication equipment







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  1. For people wanting to propose alternatives and changes to alignment the two Volumes to consider are Volume 1 and Volume 5 Alternatives Report

    1. HS2 Phase One environmental statement volume 5: alternatives report

    o 25 November 2013

    o Guidance

    Alternatives report

    Ref: volume 5 appendix CT-002-000, ES, 2.5MB, 93 pages

    2. Part 1 of this report provides a factual and chronological description of the consideration of strategic options (both pre-consultation and post-consultation), modal alternatives, wider network options, alternative speeds and upgrades to the existing main lines.

    3. Part 2 covers the scheme component options, stations, routes from London to the West Midlands, access to Heathrow Airport, HS1 and depots.

    4. This report does not include local and mitigation options which are described in volume 1 (prior to January 2012) and the volume 2 community forum area ( CFA ) reports (since January 2012).

    Volume 1: introduction and background information

    This provides an introduction to the HS2 Phase One environmental statement under consultation. This volume also includes an overview of the impact assessment process and the consultation itself, and the main strategic, route-wide and local alternatives considered.

    1. HS2 Phase One environmental statement volume 1: introduction to the environmental statement

    o 25 November 2013

    o Guidance

    Volume 1 provides an introduction to the environmental statement and describes:

    •Phase One of HS2
    •the environmental impact assessment process
    •the approach to consultation and engagement
    •details of the permanent features and generic construction techniques

    It also summarises the main strategic, route-wide and local alternatives considered.

  2. A word version of the Environmental Statement response form to HS2 may help overcome issues with HS2 PDF version. You will be able to add structured lists of referenced comments about the worst aspects near you, or the distortions, omissions, better methods to use and where to put the route instead of Route 3 phase1 near you to be a different or better public service railway. You can ask what where reasonably practical means, who is the undertaker. Once you can find and assess the volumes of materials and then relate that to your location. What the poor planning and design did not consider in its selfish simplistic and ever extending land take all can be represented. You may be petitioning in the next three months and what this to be an awareness list for the assessor to have notice of along with your MP. Use the body of evidence and omissions that HS2 has not regarded later within the petition but with the aim of showing what you consider is wrong for your home, farm, village and community. The following response tempate may help you list the howlers, missing consideration and the unwelcomed location and aspects of this poor route through rural countryside which could be in a more sensible location benefitting commuters not the long distance traveller but the shorter distance ability to earn a wage, have a job and visit your near town economically. The form can be copied and pasted onto a word document or copied into an email and sent into the assessor.

    HS2 Phase One environmental statement consultation
    Response Form
    This consultation will close on 24 January 2014 at 23:45
    On 25 November the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill was introduced to Parliament seeking the powers necessary to construct and operate HS2 Phase One. In line with Parliamentary Standing Orders an Environmental Statement has been produced to accompany the Bill. A consultation is now being held on the Environmental Statement to ensure that the decision taken by Parliament at Second Reading of the Bill is informed by the public’s views on the Bill’s environmental impacts.
    Please respond by using this response form and emailing your comments to HS2PhaseOneBillES@dialoguebydesign.com
    Please only use the following freepost address when sending your response by post:
    HS2 Phase One Bill Environmental Statement
    PO Box 70178
    WC1A 9HS

    Please only use the channels described above when responding to this consultation. We cannot guarantee that responses sent to other addresses will be included in this consultation.
    For more information about the consultation please visit http://www.gov.uk or call the HS2 Public Enquiries Team on 020 7944 4908.
    Please write your response within the boxes below. If you are responding in hard copy, please write in black ink and, if you require further space, please attach a further sheet to the response form.

    Information about you
    It is important to give us your name to ensure your response is included. First name:
    Confidentiality and data protection
    Anyone wishing to send comments should note that responses will be published on a publicly‐accessible website in due course, but we will not publish names, addresses and signatures of individuals. As it is not possible for us to check whether the substance of responses contains other personal data, you should not include information in your response that could identify you unless you are happy for it to be made public.
    If you do not want any of your response to be published you should clearly mark it as “Confidential” in the “subject” of the email or at the top of your letter. However, please note the following two paragraphs.

    If you want the information you provide to be treated as confidential, you should be aware that all information provided in response to this consultation, including personal information, may be subject to disclosure in accordance with access to information regimes (these are primarily the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004). Under the FOIA, there is a statutory Code of Practice with which public authorities must comply and which deals, amongst other things, with our confidentiality obligations. In view of this it would be helpful if you could explain in your response why you regard the information you have provided as confidential. If we receive a request for disclosure of the information you provide we will take full account of your explanation, but we cannot give an assurance that confidentiality can be maintained in all circumstances. An automatic confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system will not, of itself, be regarded as binding on the Department for Transport or HS2 Ltd.
    Please note that all responses received, whether marked Confidential or not, will be passed on in full to the Houses of Parliament and their appointed Assessor, who will analyse the responses and make a report to Parliament. That report will not contain your personal data.

    I wish my response to be treated as confidential. (Please write your reasons below.)

    The Environmental Statement is made up of a number of documents. The Non‐Technical Summary provides a summary of all the information contained in the Environmental Statement.
    Volume 1 provides an introduction to the Environmental Statement including an overview of the impact assessment process and consultation undertaken to date, and the main strategic, route‐wide and local alternatives considered.
    The line of route between London and the West Midlands is described in Volume 2, which has been divided into 26 smaller geographical sections called Community Forum Areas (CFAs) and each area is covered by its own separate report.
    Volume 3: route wide effects describes the likely route wide environmental effects of the construction and operation of Phase One of HS2.
    Volume 4: off‐route effects describes the likely significant environmental effects of Phase One of HS2 expected at locations beyond the route corridor, such as rail stations, rail depots and rail lines. This volume covers areas not included in the community forum area reports in Volume 2.
    Volume 5 contains technical appendices, including the response to the draft Environmental Statement consultation and the draft Code of Construction Practice, setting out baseline data and other technical information.

    Please let us know your comments on the Environmental Statement in relation to the Non‐Technical Summary and five volumes.
    Question 1. Please let us know your comments on the Non‐technical summary. My comments on the Non‐technical summary are:

    Question 2: Please let us know your comments on Volume 1: Introduction to the ES and Proposed Scheme. My comments on Volume 1 are:

    Question 3: Please let us know your comments on Volume 2: Community Forum Area reports.
    You are welcome to comment on one, a number or all the reports listed below. Please tick the reports described below that your comments apply to. If making comment on more than one report, please indicate clearly in your response the report to which your comments relate.
    Please tick those reports you wish to comment on below:
    [ ] CFA 1 Euston
    [ ] CFA 2 Camden and HS1 Link
    [ ] CFA 3 Primrose Hill to Kilburn (Camden)
    [ ] CFA 4 Kilburn (Brent) to Old Oak Common
    [ ] CFA 5 Northolt Corridor
    [ ] CFA 6 South Ruislip to Ickenham
    [ ] CFA 7 Colne Valley
    [ ] CFA 8 The Chalfonts and Amersham
    [ ] CFA 9 Central Chilterns
    [ ] CFA 10 Dunsmore, Wendover & Halton
    [ ] CFA 11 Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury
    [ ] CFA 12 Waddesdon and Quainton
    [ ] CFA 13 Calvert, Steeple Claydon, Twyford and Chetwode
    [ ] CFA 14 Newton Purcell to Brackley
    [ ] CFA 15 Greatworth to Lower Boddington
    [ ] CFA 16 Ladbroke and Southam
    [ ] CFA 17 Offchurch and Cubbington
    [ ] CFA 18 Stoneleigh, Kenilworth and Burton Green
    [ ] CFA 19 Coleshill Junction
    [ ] CFA 20 Curdworth to Middleton
    [ ] CFA 21 Drayton Bassett, Hints and Weeford
    [ ] CFA 22 Whittington to Handsacre
    [ ] CFA 23 Balsall Common & Hampton‐in‐Arden
    [ ] CFA 24 Birmingham Interchange and Chelmsley Wood
    [ ] CFA 25 Castle Bromwich and Bromford
    [ ] CFA 26 Washwood Heath to Curzon Street
    [ ] Don’t know

    My comments with regard to the reports ticked above are:

    Question 4. Please let us know your comments on Volume 3: Route‐wide effects. My comments on Volume 3 are:

    Question 5.Please let us know your comments on Volume 4: Off‐route effects. My comments on Volume 4 are:

    Question 6.Please let us know your comments on Volume 5: Appendices and map books. You are welcome to comment on one, a number, or all the appendices. Please indicate in your response which report(s) your comments apply to (e.g. the draft Code of Construction Practice).
    My comments on Volume 5 are:

    Thank you for completing the consultation response form. Responses to the consultation will be analysed and used to produce a summary report which will help inform Parliament’s consideration of the scheme.

  3. For the record, you also need to include the note “All figures are at second quarter 2011 prices.”

    The final costs will of course be greater than this sum due to inflation.

    Presumably these figures do not include any discounting.

  4. What about the billion they will spend this parliament?
    Do we have a volunteer who will try and track expenditure against plan?

  5. How does this estimate fit with this statement?

    ‘Addressing the Commons, Patrick McLoughlin said the actual target cost of phase 1 is £17 billion – taking into account recent changes – but that building in a contingency of £4.4 billion was the “responsible” thing to do.’

    Where is the estimate for compensation?

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