“More & more MPs are beginning to think HS2 is a white elephant”

This is from last month when the Public Accounts Committee released their report into HS2. Since the reshuffle and the release of the details hidden from the KPMG report, even more MPs are becoming vocal that HS2 is a white elepphant

The Public Accounts Committee reports on the “absurd ideas” being put forward to try to justify HS2. From ITV Meridian News, 9th September 2013

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  1. It seems to me that the PM is about to throw his toys out of his pram if hs2 goes off the rails .just like a five year old is told no you can not have that train set .The man needs to grow up and accept no one wants his idea and give his MPs a free vote on Thursday just to see how many want to waste billions of our taxes on his project for the rich to use just like Concorde .Trying to black mail his voters in this way will only alienate the public even more against his party and is playing right into voting labour

  2. No politician asked about hs2 recently has mentioned the many thousands of people blighted by hs2–anyone would think they didn’t care!

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