50,000 pages of information and only 8 weeks to reply

Cheryl Gillan MP requests a debate on the efficiency and effectiveness of consultation periods so that those affected by HS2 have “a decent time to reply”to one of the largest environmental statements in history”. From House of Commons, BBC Parliament, 17th October 2013.

Also in the video is confirmation of the date of the third reading of the so-called Paving Bill for the 31st October. More on that later!

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  1. This government will say and do anything to save face with hs2 no matter what ever the costs or the pain to the house holders along the route it’s a disgrace . When it goes over budget in how manny years and the current minsters are in there ivory towers who are going to tackle them for what they have told us today ? All our hopes are with labour who are at least on the people’s side with the cost s of this project.Its just a pity that the government as not the balls to give there MPs a free vote ,after all if It is such a good idea they have nothing to fear

  2. What would be useful are official transcript of the Supreme Court proceedings for the two days or permission to view the videos of the two days please. Whilst these sequences in Parliament are of interest with the option of the SEA issue being considered by the European Court or the Supreme Court considering matters of constituional interest the real opportunity os to study in depth the deliberations in the Supreme Court.

    With so much time and money invested in the legal process access to official viewing or transcripts will help many understand the positions as expressed by Barristers and comments of the seven Judges please.

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