Oak Tree Lament – Please buy it NOW!!

Today, the Stop HS2 Christmas Single, Oak Tree Lament by Buckinghamshire Band Dirty Mavis has been launched. We need campaign supporters to buy and download both versions of the song before Santa comes (midnight on Christmas Eve) for sales to count toward the Christmas Charts.

The reason for this campaign initiative is a final big drive to raise awareness of the issue of HS2 before Justine Greening makes her decision whether or not to proceed with HS2 in January, and put more pressure on her not to go ahead with it. The reason is simple, to get more people nationally aware of HS2 and up the publicity stakes. The Christmas Single campaign has the added benefit of being a fundraiser if the decision is to go ahead, with an average of 35% sale price going to Stop HS2, though in some cases it will take six weeks for the money to come through.

You can buy one copy of each version of the track (there are two) per credit/debit card per vendor under chart rules. And you can also send gift copies by email to your friends and family and even your MP! – Anyone you have an email address for. Multiple purchases only get disqualified under chart rules if you use the same method of payment on the same website for a personal (not gift) download.

Besides buying and downloading the track, we hope you can forward this information as far and wide as you can by email and social media. There is also a poster for you to print out and display wherever you think you can.

iTunes 79p per track.

HMV 79p per track.

Amazon 69p per track.

7 Digital 99p per track or £1.59 the pair

Play.com 99p per track

You can order the track for download to your computer by texting TRACK 7655 to 80818 (Costs £1). You will then get a password to download it from the text a track website. You can also order the track for download direct to your mobile phone (not iPhone) by texting TRACK 7655 m to 80818. Costs will vary depending on your data download plan.

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