Ways to Stop HS2 this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, there are a number of ways that you can help to stop HS2.

  1. Buy the Old Oak Lament (did you stop the HS2) by Dirty Mavis. If this gets into the charts, it will be played on the radio and other places, raising awareness about HS2, and encouraging people who are currently unaware if the problems of HS2 to find out more.The more copies sold the better our chances, so encourage your friends and relatives to buy it as well. Yesterday’s post has a full list of ways to buy it.

  3. Write to Justine Greening and MPs and encourage your friends and relatives to write to their own MP, especially if they are in areas not directly affected. You can suggest they use the tool at http://www.highspeedrail.org.uk/ to write an email. The more politicians realise that people think HS2 is a bad proposal, the more likely they are to cancel it.

  5. Join in the discussions on the internet to tell people why you think HS2 is a bad idea.As well as comments on Stop HS2 articles, some newspaper articles allow comments (there’s a list on the side of the page of some of the most recent articles, or join our facebook page.

  7. Start discussions – use twitter (the share button at the bottom of our articles makes it very easy to tweet a link). If you have a blog, maybe you could post an article about HS2 on it, or link to articles on Stop HS2.

  9. Have you considered writing a guest article for the Stop HS2 website? If you can write for a village newsletter, you can write for Stop HS2.
    Our guest authors cover a wide variety of topics, from international opposition to high speed rail projects, to local effects of HS2. Writers must support the aims of Stop HS2 – to get the HS2 proposal canceled – but can cover almost any aspect of the HS2 proposal.
    Typical articles are 300-800 words, but we occasionally publish longer or shorter ones. We are very happy to receive complete articles, but if you want more information please get in touch. If you want we will link back to your own website.
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