Advent at Chequers…

Campaigners outside Chequars with the Prime Minister's advent calendar

Delivering the Stop HS2 advent calendar

Sunday 27th November saw a representative group from Wendover HS2,The Dunsmore Society and Stop HS2, deliver Advent calendars to Chequers. There was one for David Cameron, and the next day campaigners delivered one for Ms Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Transport.

Each day on the Advent calendar has a StopHS2 “Thought for the Day” illustrating some of the many reasons why the proposed HS2 rail-link should not proceed.

The presentation followed last years successful delivery of a toy train and a white elephant. A reminder to The Prime Minister that this project is strongly opposed as it has no business case and will cause a huge amount of destruction in the countryside as a whole and The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in particular.

The first five messages were:

1.“Grand plans and utopian visions should be looked at sceptically.”
David Cameron
Follow your own advice; look at HS2 and scrap it.

2.“Too much is being spent on these big vanity projects, such as High Speed 2, and not enough on local schemes that will offer practical benefits in peoples daily lives.”
Andrew Lee, Director of Sustainable Development Commission

3.“Trains that travel at 220mph use 90% more energy than at 120mph, hence, carbon emissions for a London to Edinburgh journey are 14 kg/ passenger for HS2 compared to 7 kg/passenger for conventional rail.”
The Government White Paper, Delivering a Sustainable Railway

4.“32 billion pounds on a single transport scheme without due diligence. SCANDAL”
Debbie Lee, Dunsmore Society

5.“Every person on the planet would need to pay 5.29 pounds if they were asked to pay for HS2. They would rather have food and water.”
Dr. Roger Waller, Chiltern Countryside

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