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Right now with a new Prime Minister in place, there is a real chance to get the massively destructive waste of money that is HS2 cancelled, but with Boris Johnson not being massively committal either way, we need you to help  convince him, so please sign the petition right now and share this page.

Also  please write to your MP with via this website,  which also  contains a sweary comedy video about why HS2 is a bad idea

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There are lots of resources on this site explaining why HS2 is a bad idea!

We’ve an overview of the case against HS2.

In particular, HS2 will cause increased carbon emissions into the 22nd century (and that’s from their own data!).  HS2 will do almost nothing for modal shift and will cause enormous environmental damage.

The real worry for people who care about the environment is that there is nothing to stop HS2 Ltd chopping down the 34 ancient woodlands or digging up sensitive wildlife sites while any review is going on.  Which means even if HS2 is cancelled, they could still do huge environmental damage. The Woodland Trust are currently running a campaign to protect against this.

To raise awareness and highlight the problems of HS2, the Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin is walking part of the route of Phase 2, between Curzon Street and Leeds.  You can keep up with his progress on his Twitter feed and on Youtube.

For details of the economics arguments about HS2, see Joe’s article in the Independent, here.


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