Select Committee Visits to Buckinghamshire

The HS2 Hybrid Bill Select Committee will be visiting Buckinhamshire twice next week, with visits to the Chilterns on Monday 22nd June and to the constituency of John Bercow on Friday 26th June.

The itineraries for both visits can be downloaded from the Select Committee website.

Please note that some of the additional provisions to the Hybrid Bill to be debated on Tuesday will affect sites on both visits.

If you live in the area, please take time to go to one of the committee visits: there are times set aside on both visits to meet the communities affected.  This is well worth it, as it will enable the committee to see what the area is like now and how HS2 will affect you.

The committee are also continuing to hear petitions, with a full programme for the next few weeks.  The latest programme can also be downloaded from their website.  The hearings are open to all (with an overspill room if there are a lot of attendees), and can also be watched on Parliament TV.

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