New HS2 Bill Committee Members to visit Buckinghamshire.

Just days after the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee completed a third day of post-election visits to Buckinghamshire, three replacement MPs were appointed, raising the question of whether or not the visits were worthwhile, and whether or not they should be repeated. The reason of this is that there are literally hundreds of petitions to be heard from this area, and given a rather ambiguous decision so far from the committee on extending the Chilterns tunnel, few if any of those petitioners still yet to be heard will be satisfied.

So, whilst the committee have not decided to repeat their entire visit in such detail, they will cover all the ground they had previously, though not with so many stops. The main problem is that the tour has been announced at very late notice and will take place next Monday 10th August.

The Chiltern Countryside Group hopes that people will be able to turn out on the day:

“This is a key opportunity to demonstrate very quickly and easily the strength of concern and opposition to the route as currently planned.  Additionally, where there are longer stops there may be opportunity to express your thoughts on the mitigation currently being offered, especially at the sites looking towards the 2 viaducts near Wendover in the AONB.”

“The number of people from the communities enroute who turned out for the last visit in June made a strong impression on those Committee members, so if you were one of those, thank you so much and – we now need to do the same again.”

“So come with your children (an activity for the school hols!), dogs, bicycles, horses and so on and encourage others to do the same – even if you can only spare a few minutes to wave at the bus, or wave a placard! As it passes the end of your road or garden, all will help to make the right impression.”

The full itinerary for the day is below. Please note, this is subject to change and of course may well slip.

11:45 Meet at Bicester Train Station

11:45-12:00 Travel to lunch destination

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-13:05 Twyford (15 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

13:05-13:19 Steeple Claydon (9 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

13:19-13:30 Shepherds Furze Farm (6 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

13:30-13:40 Calvert Green Railway Bridge (5 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

13:40-13:49 FCC Car Park (4 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

13:49-14:14 Quainton Station Road (15 minute drive, 10 minute stop)

14:14-14:32 Waddesdon High Street (8 minute drive, 10 minute stop)

14:32-14:50 Fairford Leys, Coldharbour Way (13 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

14:50-15:03 Oat Close (8 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:03-15:18 The Bucks Goat Centre (10 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:18-15:28 Nash Lee Road (5 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:28-15:40 Ellesborough Road (7 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:40-15:48 Wendover Station Footbridge (3 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:48-15:59 Bacombe Lane via Wendover High Street (5 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

15:59-16:13 Wendover St Mary’s Church (4 minute drive, 10 minute stop)

16:13-16:28 Wendover Dean Viaduct viewing point on Chesham Lane (10 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

16.28 – 16.31 Potter Row (3 minute drive), pause at Leather Lane

16.31 – 16.49 Mulberry Park (3 minute drive, 15 minute community stop)

16.49 – 17.02 Bury Farm (3 minute drive, 10 minute stop)

17.02 to 17.05 Bayleys Hatch and South Heath drive through (turn in gym, drive into Sibleys Rise and then down Kings Lane) (3 minute drive)

17:05-17:13 Annie Bailey’s (3 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

17:13-17:29 Chapel Farm (6 minute drive, 10 minute stop)

17:29-17:39 Mantles Wood (5 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

17:39-17:52 Little Missenden vent shaft (8 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

17:52-18:09 Drive to Amersham vent shaft (12 minute drive, 5 minute stop)

18:09-18:21 Amersham Train Station (7 minute, 5 minute stop)

18:21-18:51 Drive to Princes Risborough Station (30 minute drive)

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5 comments to “New HS2 Bill Committee Members to visit Buckinghamshire.”
  1. Congratulations to Hilary Wharf and everyone who organised the MPs’ visit on Monday 10th. There was high quality information including a devastating demonstration of the noise levels that will be produced by the trains at various locations. Even a well-signposted car park for those of us who had come from further away.

    Let’s hope that those MPs have the gumption to see how vital the extra mile of tunnel is.

  2. 150 people left standing in a field at Bury Farm, South Heath.
    After a 30 minute delay it seems the MP’s were rushed straight past the farm and the people waiting to see them.
    Missing the location of the tunnel portal and a good example of the devastation to the area is an insult to us all.

  3. Leave things as is 20 minutes is not worth all the £billions wasted also the damage to the environment as well

  4. Stop spending money that the government do not have to waste on this joke. Spend money on looking after our war hero’s and NHS Service also pensioner’s as well. Do it now don’t wait till its to late

  5. Dont depend on others depend on yourself. The worth to you is wirth more than to others. Please petition by the 14th August in Camden and Euston and by the 24th August for the reminder of the HS2 route. Petition to save your selves and commmunity. There may be political reversal and it depends on your arguments and local MPs several MPs are marking time. Please mark their cards and petition please. Cameron is bundling and fumbling and now chasting his Foreign Secretary for alleging they have a grip on illegal entries to the UK. Network Rail is failing and one reason is engineers left to push paper and ruin along the county lines for HS2. Shows lack of professional commitment to the nations railways. Leave a real job and join a poor sideshow causing so much ruination. Petition please this month. Worth all your efforts to petition once again. Thank you.

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