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Last week, HS2 officials meet councillors and local representatives to show their latest designs for Euston stations.

The key thing is that the timescales of the proposed works are extremely lengthy, lasting from 2017 until at least 2033: and this does not include a full redevelopment of the station! The redevelopment of the ‘classic’ side of the station would be done by Network Rail at an unspecified time in the future, requiring extra funding outside the £50bn HS2 budget.

Six 400m platforms would be built on the site of the current Cardington Street and Melton Street to the west of the station and Hampstead Bridge would be completely redesigned and raised while the number of tracks coming into Euston Station under the bridge would be reduced from six to four during the lengthy works. This would affect users of the current London to Midlands railway line, causing delays and inconvenience to commuters and other passengers.

Much of St James gardens would be destroyed. And residents of the Regents Park estate would be forced to leave their homes, which would be demolished to make way for the HS2 tracks.

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  1. I stood as an Independent candidate in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency my main issue was HS2 and the fact the two main parties are still in favour of it.
    The cost to us taxpayers, in excess of £50billion cannot be justified when we have poverty increasing in areas of London which the mayor chooses to ignore whilst indulging his ego in a “garden bridge” again, like HS2 at taxpayers expense, Surely common sense must prevail and if this money is available it should be spent more to improve the lives of the children living in poverty.

    • Yes Jennifer but the less engaged the electorate become the easier it becomes for technocratic governance by the lobbying driven corporate agenda….It is clear that by alienating the public, who simply switch off, modern politics is thriving. The new career politician can duck under the radar simply by being bland and uninspiring…..meanwhile behind closed doors, seemingly innocuous policy like HS2 slips by undetected…..By scapegoating unions or benefit scroungers, those who buy into the argument vote thinking they are making a difference, whilst the dull politicians and their whips force through legislation, like the hybrid bill to feather their and their corporate business chums pension pots…..Most people round where I live are blissfully unaware of the 10/20 year blight that awaits them……It won’t be until it’s too late that, finally they will realise what has been done….

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