Some recent news items

Independent: SNP fury as HS2 finds ‘no business case’ for taking fast train service to Scotland

The Scotsman: HS2 rail link ‘unlikely’ to reach Scotland

Carmarthen Journal: Can Journal: MP Johnathan Edwards “Welsh taxpayers should not foot bill for English HS2 rail scheme”

Greg Moodie: Except for Viewers in Scotland

Guardian: Forget HS2 – for real renewal, rebuild our crumbling coastline

Get Bucks: Photographer shows graphic impact HS2 will have on Buckinghamshire countryside

Bucks Free Press: Chiltern District Council’s Seb Berry accuses HS2 Ltd of ‘deliberate misinformation’ over cost of the project

Camden New Journal: New HS2 plans for Euston reveal how streets will be swept away

Northern Echo: It’s time to think again about HS2

Lichfield Live: Lichfield MP reveals he ruled himself out of government position

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  1. The many Conservative and Scottish MPs and the leaders to be of Labour can be persuaded to require more economic focus than the current Conservative myth of High Speed rail which will be lower speed economic recovery for the UK.

    There is little belief in the Cameron and Osborne Higgins view.

    The sense needed to persuade Blatter to step down can be paralled to the stuborn approach some functionaries adopt may be the case with the English HS2.

    The shrinkage in first quarter 2015 spending showed how flimsy the growth in the UK is.

    There is the need for signficant policy reversals by the Conservatives who have no longer the scope to spend and have large project delays in higher priorities than HS2 for MPs to and from London.

    Write to your MP to explain that things are not well and the UK is not heading in the direction of per capita prosperity currently and you do not see how HS2 is the magic but the wider blight which devalues swathes of the rural and some urban developments.

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