London Bridge chaos – a foretaste of Euston

If HS2 gets built, there will be a massive rebuilding project at Euston to make space for the new tracks and platforms needed for the HS2 trains. The plans for Euston are proving tricky to develop: HS2 Ltd are currently working on their fourth set of designs.

Rebuilding a large station is a major undertaking causing years of disruption. The current redevelopment work at London Bridge for the Thameslink Programme is already causing problems for commuters and according to the Evening Standard there are over 100 more changes to come. In documents they have seen, some of the changes at London Bridge are:

Journeys taking up to seven minutes longer, with some trains leaving slightly earlier or later than before

Some trains not calling at all intermediate stations

Services with fewer or more carriages, and some cancelled altogether.

The disruption at Euston from HS2 will be a major problem for travellers through the station, but proponents for HS2 are unable, or unwilling, to say what it will be like. The closest they get is to claim that disruption would be worse, if HS2 doesn’t get built.

But with no actual plans for the changes at Euston, we can only look at other projects and extrapolate.  The Euston rebuild will cause a decade – or more – of disruption and cost billions of pounds.

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  1. Penny, you really shouldn’t be surprised at all this disruption,,,as at London Bridge. or Kings Cross or Paddington around Christmas.
    It’s called ” Upgrading the existing lines”.

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