A lone hand rises for HS2

As the election draws near, politicians are promising goodies like an indulgent grandma handing out sweets from the treat jar. One of these “sweets” is the £50bn HS2.

However, HS2 is way down the list of “sweets” that people want: the recent Comres poll showed it was bottom of the list for 43% of voters.

While HS2 is sometimes touted by its proponents as needed to reduce the north-south divide, few people agree.

At event this morning organised by Insider Media, (just like at the Lords’ Economics Affairs Committee) when asked people in the north think east-west links – the so-called HS3 – is far more important.

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One comment to “A lone hand rises for HS2”
  1. Let your lone hand prevent this grand loan leading to more national debt please vote for a candidate committed to better

    The nation has to get a grip of wasteful spending and hold the twisting weasel wordsmiths in Westminster more accountable please. Vote for the people who can see the flaws in HS2 and the way HS2 was imposed against some Articles of the Aarhus Convention. The UK signed to the Convention and does not apply it but permits a single person and a few to do what that few wants not taking into account your points for changes.

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