Labour bin pro HS2 policy in key marginals

Two of the top Labour targets for the General Election, Broxtowe (Number 8) and North Warwickshire (Number 1) are seats heavily impacted by HS2. As such, it’s no surprise that their candidates in both of these seats have expressed reservations about HS2, bucking the party policy to support it. Here’s what Broxtowe candidate Nick Palmer had to say last week:

Meanwhile, in North Warwickshire, the Labour candidate Mike O’Brien who like Palmer was the MP there up until 2010 is again against the project. He doesn’t mention that in this clip, but he finds out that it’s parties who oppose HS2 that voters are looking to.

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  1. Will HS2 be a vote loses for more seats: It is your decision on 7th May Elect people to serve your interest not the party

    Perhaps there will be a HS4 to the South West and a HS5 to cover these seats also next time. Make your vote count and express your displeasure with the last decade of poor Governance by the three parties please and for people in the following 20 areas remember to express that you have more pressing needs than the poorly planned HS2 where the public participation in the decision making was curbed when all options were open and where some tens of MPs may have been whipped to follow their party line against your desire to have better local improvements for your daily travel requirements. Vote for better Parliamentary Practices and better decision making where you participate though engagement when all options are open not when several people have disregarded the nations public opinions please.

    1. St Ives 2. St Austell and Newquay

    3. North Cornwall 4. North Devon

    5. Torbay 6. Cheadle 7. Hazel Grove

    8. Berwick-upon-Tweed

    9. Solihull 10. St Albans

    11. Bath 12. Montgomeryshire

    13. Maidstone 14. Chippenham

    15. Berwickshire 16. Watford

    17. Mid Dorset and North Poole

    18. Taunton 19. Somerton and Frome

    20. Oxford West and Abingdon

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