My CV is impressive,

By Gloria Dales:

My CV is impressive,
With credentials highly prized,
So could you please make me a job,
That is perfectly disguised.

Create a large employer,
That is funded by the state,
To build a track and some stations,
To make everything just great.

Place me in a tower block,
High up above the rest,
And offer me opportunity,
To really try my best.

To conjure up a train track,
For trains, fast as they might go,
Then convince those who could use it,
Of its futuristic flow.

Pay me well and I will tell them,
Fictional stories of success,
How TGV and Eurostar,
Thrive better than the rest.

I’ll make it sound convincing,
Ignore the cries of woe,
Focus on the task in hand
Where the track Is set to go.

I’m hardened to suggestions
That wildlife may perish
Who cares about extinction
When this job we’re meant to cherish.

This job is for the unemployed,
Migrants and the poor,
I’ll work so hard for HS2,
And all those it’s coming for.

Then when I’m done in London,
As with HS2, I’ve not succeeded,
Please may I be retrained to do,
A job that’s really needed.

Send me off to Uni,
To gain a fine degree,
Something really useful,
For our future security.

Doctor’s are in short supply,
To treat the sick and frail,
Few teachers! Police and Firemen,
Survived the cuts to tell the tale.

Ship builders for our nation,
And services personnel,
Have been slashed to save our nation,
From its economic hell,

There are few dementia carers,
Many jobs have cut by half,
Because we’ve had to spend our taxes,
On HS2 and all its staff.

One comment to “My CV is impressive,”
  1. This election is missing the extent of considerations of sensible people. People not convinced about HS2 are healthy sceptics as were the House of Lords reviewers. Stay sceptical and vote to prevent misguided mega schemes. The Greeks and Spanish may wish

    The people who did not believe Adonis and Hammond and Greening are healthy sceptics. The Labour, Liberal and Conservative Brown, Clegg, Cameron and now Miliband are not displaying wise leadership but hype and spin and misguided judgments. Unfortunately they have spread this lack of wise jugment around them more hype and more spin. Vote against the media whirlwinds of jealous and spite and select a person for your local area who demonstrates healthy questioning. The UK is not progressing as it needs to and this poem does better advise than the current phoney campaign with more tricks than treats for you and your family and area. Times are getting tougher and Governance of the UK in the past 20 years with worse to come due to lack of controls is not a happy prospect. You all need wise councils and national governments. We are not seeing the balance society requires from the upstarts and media focussed few currently.

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