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  1. This overview applies to several areas along HS2 with no stations and no local benefits. The future electrical power supply requires a dozen power stations replacing as life expired and as coal and gas fuelling is the only viable approach for the tens of GW required with renewables now peaked short of the 10s of GW required the investment and workforce of HS2 needs diverting into the public funding of the electricity generating capacity now needed in the next Parliament. The EPR will be too costly and will take too long. The UK last two Parliaments missed the opportunity for a large nuclear programme and renewables cannot deliver the GWs required. Time for Coal and Gas replacements for part of your energy security. France has not got the gas piped networks there are across the UK thankfully and this is one reason the 60GW of French electricity is needs compared with the 40GW of UK electricity. Road vehicles also require signficant energy and their is no electric car option currently on the scale to make any difference. The UK needs £100B plus to replace ageing power stations for Trumpton and your comfort. Support replacement of existing power stations rather than HS2. Network Rail electricfication will require National Grid and power generation upgrades. Better back a resilent power supply using coal gas and some nuclear with the renewables now peaked. Tidal moves through the day. Solar depends on the weather too. Wind can help but it is comes and goes. Trumpton and your area need younger electrical power stations for yours and your childrens futures. Happy New Year in 2015 for a new Parliament to adopt more common sense on national priorities of power first.

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