Some Recent News items

Farmers Guardian: Changes needed on land taken for HS2

Express and Star: Manufacturers enter Christmas with bleak mood

Telegraph: Pay HS2 home owners more cash to move, says Boris Johnson

Birmingham Post: Washwood Heath jobs breakthrough as committee calls on HS2 to adjust plans

getBucks: Conservation chief: ‘Chilterns face most uncertain times yet’

Bucks Free Press: HS2 compensation scheme launch delayed

Mix 96: Bucks MPs Continue HS2 Campaigns

Bucks Herald: Lidington: It beggars belief that HS2 Ltd were up for award

Sheffield Telegraph: Costs of Sheffield rail project set to double

Sky News: Taxpayer ‘Risk’ From £10.5bn Train Contracts

Institute of Economic Affairs: The debt dangers of Britain’s infrastructure craze

Bucks Free Press: HS2 Ltd to carry out survey work in Maple Cross and West Hyde

City A.M.: Britain’s infrastructure craze has echoes of Japan’s debt-fuelled building boom

Telegraph: How HS2 is punishing farmers and holiday-let owners

Get West London: Boris Johnson: “My support for HS2 is conditional”

Farming Monthly: NFU encouraged by HS2 Committee Chair’s letter to the Secretary of State

Horticulture Weekly: Grower set to close due to HS2

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  1. Please watch and listen to the three people in the House of Lords fumble and forget and second guess each other.

    On cost on cost and more public national and regional subsidies required.

    Some challenges are stronger but still mainly vague wide responses from the trio.

    Generalisations fail on why the Route 3 was selected when the Chilterns hills add the costs.

    The planners have not achieved the least damaging alignment and the planners did not increase the tunneling to achieve less damage.

    WCML should auction the train paths for the rush hour and peaks. Train path numbers need changing. A dedicated freight line would be much less money than the HS2 for passenger.

    So much not decided and not convincing on the details and uncertain issues which abound.

    Please watch:

    Parliament home page > Parliament TV > Player


    HoL Economic Affairs Committee Tuesday 9 December 2014

    Committee Room 1
    Meeting started on Tuesday 9 December at 3.31pm. Ended at 5.37pm
    Economic Case for HS2
    Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport; David Prout, Director General High Speed 2 Group, Department for Transport; and Lord Deighton, former Chairman, HS2 Growth Task Force.

    Visit the Committee’s homepage.

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