Three days, three things to do

With the HS2 Phase 1 Hybrid Bill vote on Monday 28th , here are three things that you can do to put pressure on your MP.

1) Contact your MP and ask them to vote against HS2

If you oppose HS2, it’s really important that you get in touch with your MP before the vote and tell them that you want them to vote against HS2.

This is especially important if they are off-route or a minister with a constituency on the route.

The easiest way of emailing your MP is the tool at This will suggest a wording for you, with some of the many different reasons why HS2 is a bad project for the country. Alternatively use You can call the House of Commons and ask for your MPs office on 0207 219 3000.

2) Come to the Demo on Monday 12-2pm 28th April

Stop HS2 are holding a demo at Parliament on Monday, and your presence would really help put pressure on MPs.

This is a really key moment to let Members of Parliament know what is wrong with HS2, before they vote on the HS2 Hybrid Bill later that day.


Where – Old Palace Yard, opposite Houses of Parliament, SW1P 3JY

When – noon to 2pm 

Date – Monday 28th April 2014

The HS2 vote is expected around 10pm, so it would be great if you can arrange a meeting with your MP in the afternoon or early evening, even if you can’t get to the demonstration. You can call the House of Commons and ask for your MPs office on 0207 219 3000, maybe to arrange to meet them, may to ask them to come out and talk to the crowd!

 3) Use social media to spread the word about why HS2 is bad

There’s been a lot of activity on Twitter from our supporters, and we’d like you to continue this weekend.  In addition it would be great if you could use Facebook to spread word about the demo on Monday – Facebook link –

The Twitter Storm on Thursday had a reach of over a million and we want as big a turnout on Sunday, between 7-8pm.

Twitter can also be a good way of getting in touch with an MP – two thirds of MPs have twitter accounts. If you have been joining in on the Stop HS2 selfie campaign, you could ‘tweet’ your picture to them by including their twitter ID in your tweet.

PS With  the coverage about Andrea Leadsom and other ministers on the route,  these articles are worth reading:

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