Demo – 28th April Outside Parliament

Stop HS2 are arranging a demonstration outside Parliament on Monday 28th April.  This is a really key moment to let Members of Parliament know what is wrong with HS2, before they vote on the HS2 Hybrid Bill later that day.


Where – Old Palace Yard, opposite Houses of Parliament, SW1P 3JY

When – noon to 2pm 

Date – Monday 28th April 2014

The HS2 vote is expected around 10pm, so it would be great if you can arrange a meeting with your MP in the afternoon or early evening if you can’t get to the demonstration. 

Stop HS2 campaigners outside Parliament in 2011

Stop HS2 campaigners outside Parliament in 2011

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  6. How can it be right that all the people along hs2 route are denied proper compensation for there homes they have worked all there lives for . The government tell us and give excuses they can’t afford it we should think of the benefit of the country lets have another consult ion and so on yet we can afford to pay. Terrorists give them a first class university education homes for there family’s and all the millions in compensation payments then leave to fight in Syria ? This says something about our leaders they could not give a toss about our British citizens the only party left for us to put our trust in is Ukip and be damned with the rest of them

  7. I have come to learn with hs2 ltd and the government they all piss in the same pot and then throw it over there opponents of there flag ship

  8. HS2 faces it vote and the courage of 20 accountable people needs public applause. The population voted several times against the HS2 idea in the fudged failed endorsement counts. Persuade another MP to search their true self belief and overcome face saving patronage of their head and whips. HS2 is a Great Brititsh mistaken project that has not convinced and should not confiscate land in vain to save face for the miguided few. Request you MP one more time or for this time to vote for public reason and for better transport projects but not this virgin route to destroy so much for so few. Thank you. Enjoy Easter.

  9. Will be the vote of all votes to have abused the British people in the name of an unwelcomed dogma of the few MPs

    Having the vote is the shame on the Parliament. The scheme is of little effective benefit to the railway needs of the masses of people. The most confused plan of a network enhancement.

    The few MPs faced down the Great British public by converting qualitative consultations into quantitative phrase counts the demonstrated wider opposition for credible reasons. HS2 did not address the issues arising and the Parliament’s process for ES submissions was treated in the same dumbing down way. MPs have become detached from realities for the nation and focus on this secondary priority because two Prime Ministers had lost sight of the priorities first with Labour and now with the Conservatives.

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