11 February 2011 STOP HS2 rail opponents respond to “outrageous” attack made by Graham Evans MP

Last weekend, every Member of Parliament received a formal invitation to the STOP HS2 National Convention to be held on the 19th February 2011. You can read the invitation here.

In an “outrageous and unprecedented” response to this invitation STOP HS2 has been made aware that Mr Graham Evans MP (Weaver Vale) exploded in a rage in the House of Commons saying HS2 was being opposed by a “ragtag alliance of luddites and nimbys”.

He called for a debate “so that these falsehoods can be tackled head-on”.

Lizzy Williams Chairman of STOP HS2 said

“As soon as I saw the report of Mr Evans offensive accusations I contacted his office to ask for an explanation of his actions. I made it very clear that his comments were offensive, unprofessional and unbecoming of a Member of Parliament.

To react like that to an invitation to a national debate hosted by STOP HS2 is incredible. His comments are completely unacceptable and completely ungrounded.

If he truly wanted to play a part in this national issue his best response would have been to accept the invitation to the convention and participate in the question and answer sessions available throughout the day.

After talking to Mr Evan’s office I was astounded to receive a copy of a “Dear Colleague” letter from Phillip Hammond dated 09 February to all MPs advising members that our invitation made “incorrect statements”.

STOP HS2 contests that accusation fully and confirms it sees nothing in Mr Hammond’s letter that provides evidence to prove this.  We would be delighted to see a backbench debate on this subject.

We would like to thank Mr Evans and Mr Hammond for highlighting our concerns regarding the High Speed 2 project.

We would also urge people to attend the STOP HS2 National Convention which includes various, completely independent speakers and exhibitors, including the Tax Payers Alliance.

STOP HS2 concludes from Mr Hammond’s actions that he is beginning to feel cornered by STOP HS2 and we are very pleased about that.

Throwing personal insults is about all he has left as we have highlighted the weakness of the business case, the complete absence of environmental case and that HS2 is a complete waste of tax payers money when we can least afford it.

STOP HS2’s core aim has always been to promote debate on the issues surrounding HS2 and the Convention is being held to encourage national involvement in the impending public consultation”

Speakers at the STOP HS2 National Convention include

Christian Wolmar

Professor John Whitelegg Green Party

Mike Nattrass UKIP

Geoffrey Robinson Labour

Colin Wilkinson RSPB

Stephen Trotter Wildlife Trusts

Mark Sullivan CPRE

HS2 Action Alliance

Paul Withrington Transportwatch

Dr John Savin

Professor Mike Geddes

James Del Mar Knight Frank

A press conference and reception will be held on the morning of the convention at 0900 in the Oak Tree Restaurant.

Convention tickets cost £12 and can be ordered via our website www.stophs2.org.  Alternatively please send us a cheque and your contact details to:  STOPHS2 Ltd, 310 Cromwell Lane, Burton Green, Warwickshire, CV8 1PL. Discretionary tickets are available.

All press are welcome with free entry providing they register by email at info@stophs2.org.

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