How to Help Stop HS2 While Shopping for Christmas

With Christmas coming up, you can support Stop HS2 for FREE when shopping online with over 2,000 popular retailers, including Amazon, Argos, M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams, eBay, iTunes, HMV, Vodafone, DELL, The Body Shop,, Interflora, Comet and many more. Go to our page at  to register to support Stop HS2.

After you have registered for Stop HS2, please click the ‘Raise More’ link and install the ‘Find & Remind’ service, as this will automatically alert you when you are shopping online if a donation is available from the retailer and reminds you to login. It’s the perfect way to make sure we never miss out on a valuable donation from easyfundraising, which costs you nothing!

And if you are doing your Christmas shopping, there is a good chance that someone you know might like something from the Stop HS2 shop, which can be found here

Everything we do relies on funding from you. What we’d really like more than anything is regular funding which allows us to plan. Details of how you can donate can be found via this link

2 comments to “How to Help Stop HS2 While Shopping for Christmas”
  1. Opposing HS2 phase 1 a poorly designed railway route with little benefit for Buckinghamshire people. The UK and allies reversed an ambitious scheme of several politicians. Can the public in the UK persuade several politicians practicing obsessiveness methods a small group of people have created the wrong phase 1 with Route 3. HS2 in the Volume 1 has a map showing their way to Scotland. This would not be the only way but it is the HS2 way. Why do several politicians not previously engaged in complex transport planning profess supremecy dictating phase 1 Route 3.
    There is a flaw in the UK political process with the Presidential approach. It has taken the UK backwards. People are responding to European Presidential encroachment in the UK with MPs objecting in numbers. However when their positions are in jeopardy very few demonstrate the courage to scrutinise and challenge phase1 Route 3. One track each way and the 18 and 22 trains in peak with higher rail maintenance requirements than at lower speed will be VERY unreliable and unavailable due to overrunning engineering and maintenance works. HS2 phase 1 is not a mirror of phase 2 where intermediate stations are being located. The phase 1 intermediate stations and commuter services were not possible with Route 3. The HS2 analysts did not start from the Leeds and Manchester to London requirements for people to leave the train at say Bicester a sensible approach for people in a 20 mile car drive distance from Bicester to Oxford or to Milton Keynes. Can the young MPs find the sense and courage to face down phase 1 Route 3 when their three leaders cannot face up to the poor proposal the management of HS2 and consultants have determined England will have but does not get the benefits of higher speed and more tracks from. HS2 management has determined the WRONG railway proposition. Nothing to do with BCR analysis just inadequate tracks, very expensive single bore per track and long tunnels and other expensive constructed earthworks. Can anyone challenge Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to wise these three young people lacking technical design and planning experience to be sensible and not supreme dictators of the wrong proposal please.

    • Yes, “18 to 22 trains each way in peak”( times } on a single pair of tracks would be a challenge. to say the least… but do you seriously believe that such a situation likely -in the first few years at least?

      Because if it did, then clearly it would have contradicted and confounded all those who deny the need for this railway “which nobody wants”.

      As the plans move forward and the details are refined, surely now is the time to urge and campaign -not to stop the railway as the government and leaders across all parties seem determined to press on, but rather to “tame the beast”. to make it of greater use to at least some people along its path- if ,as is claimed, it is in the national interest, then those living along its path should derive some benefit.

      If “maintenance loops” which are in effect sidings connected at both ends to the main lines and lying parellel with them,- if they can be included in the planned layout, then why not one or more sets of passenger platforms on their own loop lines so as not to compromise the (majority) non stop trains?

      * One has only to look at examples of such arrangements on H.S. lines in France or Germany to see such a precedent- the Cologne – Frankfurt line, with city centre and edge of town/ airport stations -and a length comperable to HS2,Phase One, but with THREE intermediate stations where a minority of trains stop.

      HS2, if it is to be built, must be for the people- not just for the design engineers!

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