Property Consultation finishes on Wednesday

There are only a few days left for the Property Consultation for HS2 Phase 1, which finishes on Wednesday 4th December 2013. Your local action group may still have quick response postcards, you can respond online at the consultation website or you can reply by email to:

As well as the excellent advice on HS2 and the Environment blog – see the list here – and Voxopp’s overview advice, HS2AA have produced a briefing for MPs – see it here.

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  2. landowners be well aware to refer to the pink shaded areas in your compensation submisssions. These can be taken during construction become dumping areas as designated and later developed by others. You could lose the planned land escalation to others. Submit a statement in the compensation and environmental statement protecting against this practice. Also be wary of land not being transformed by dumping where known developments may be occuring but the cutting spoil is placed on your adjacent land. Volume 2 community forum maps show this pink land areas. MP should ask how some land in pink is outside the safeguarded areas. Watch for unconventional practices possible under the hybrid bill please.

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