Beyond Twitter and Blogging

At the netroots UK conference on Saturday, I went to the “Beyond Twitter & blogging” workshop, a review of existing on-line tools for use in political campaigns.

The first tool discussed was  ushahidi, which can be used for geographical data applications.  It was used after the Haiti Earthquake, and is now being used for mapping reports during the flooding in Queensland.  In the UK it is being used to gather information about spending cuts: could you work out a way of using it to gather information about HS2?

Google alerts will monitor the web or specific websites for terms of particular interest to you, and send you an email when one appears. produces several different democracy websites. monitors what your MP is doing, and also has an email alert service. is an easy means of sending emails to MPs, and will also monitor to ensure that people aren’t sending emails with duplicate text. helps you make Freedom of Information requests, and publishes the data online. monititors the groups having the most meetings with ministers. is an interactive online game, giving you points when you identify certain types of data, such as names, within the wikileaks data. has a database of election leaflets, matched to postcode.  You can check whether your own MP is keeping to their promises – assuming that someone sent them a scan of the election leaflets. records county council spending on different companies. records spending by central government.

Most of these websites rely on the enthusiasm of volunteers to produce the tools and to input the data.  Please check the “get involved” links on the different sites.

If you use any of these tools to find out information about HS2, why not comment below or let us know.  If you could write an article for the website, we’d be extra grateful.

Edited to add: UK Members of Parliament, 2010 – 2015, Listed in order of majority

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  1. I put a link to this site on a netroot article in the guardian and had them taken off and my account monitored….

    • No Way! I thought the Guardian wasn’t run by the Government – how on earth do they justify this? Thanks for letting us know Olly. Lizzy

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