Confirmed: Hybrid Bill will be deposited on Stop HS2 Lobby Day, 25th November

In the House of Lords debate on HS2 yesterday, Baroness Kramer confirmed the date for the deposition of the HS2 Hybrid Bill, saying “I am cleared to say that the hybrid Bill will be introduced in the Commons on Monday”.

This is the same day as the Stop HS2 Lobby Day, and was the reason we chose Monday 25th November for it. The Hybrid Bill is likely to be deposited in the House of Commons, in a perfunctory fashion at about 2.30.

We have arranged a number of different events for the day, and we hope as many people as possible will come to each of them.

11am – 12 noon Demonstration at Old Palace Yard. People are likely to start arriving earlier from about 10.30, so please come along if you are able to.

1pm – 3pm Committee Room 12 has been booked for people – that’s you! – to arrange meetings with their MP, or with a Lord, to discuss HS2. Please ask them for a meeting.

You can find contact details for Lords on This will allow you to search for Lords who share your interests, or are connected to a locality, and send them on an email. An individualised email can be very effective.

You can also use to find how to contact your own MP.

1pm – 3pm Committee Room 11will be an event, with speakers for MPs and Lords, expelling the problems with HS2.

3.30pm – 5.30pm Committee Room 14 This is for members of the public, and will have speakers: it is a repeat of the earlier event.

Please contact your MP and tell them about the day, as the more people who tell them about it, the more likely they are to be able to attend.

For details of travel arrangements by local action groups see and for other details see Join us and make a difference at Parliament, 25th November.

3 comments to “Confirmed: Hybrid Bill will be deposited on Stop HS2 Lobby Day, 25th November”
  1. All these people are coming out of the woodwork praising the bennifits of hs2 but no one seems interested in compension for the thousands along the route loosing out with the losses on there property’s its a distress for all the people for all the years ahead .All the MPs should be fighting for them if they are backing hs2 but they do not seem to be bothered .All the people along the route including all the ones on phase two should now be shouting at the government for a fair deal otherwise they will be walking all over us

  2. Well it has progressed to Hybrid Bill, still without a full and proper discussion of compensation.

    The Chiterns AONB is one of the most visited landscapes in Europe and supports a local economy. In Edinburgh today first world congress discusses the capital value of Landscape.
    Meanwhile in the UK the Govt. have cynically supported a 90% devaluation of the Landscape destroyed by HS2 as revealed by a FOI request.
    This reduced value is also not a ‘whole’ impact approach and is the ‘product’ of
    the DfT .
    It is likely more of the “cut the green crap” lower the price that this Govt. has adopted.
    The Govt has refused to re-evaluate the route now speed is no longer the issue and also refuses full tunneling. The Govt. are legally bound to protect the AONB and yet their arguments “there is already the M40 ” etc are fallacious and based on false premises/false dichotomies.
    It is clear that none of the 3 main parties have any real environmental credentials other than being environmentally rapacious urbanites whose political interests are confined to cities and how the countryside can make them short term political cash . This is done by devaluing the asset ( landgrab) and the value/compensation to current owners so it can be cheaply consumed, redistributed.and be used as (an exhausting resource) by urban/ city expansion.

    Your hand, dear Dave, deplorable,
    Your lips of untruthfulness
    You bank we’ll support you faithfully ……but well,
    Three years, or a bit less.
    It hasn’t been a success.

    And we shall find another politician perhaps,
    And a better one than you,
    With eyes as wise, but kindlier,
    With lips as soft, but true.
    And I daresay he/she will do.

    Apologies to Rupert Brookes “The Chilterns”

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