Even HS2 supporters say HS2 Ltd modelling should be checked

In a Commons debate on the West Coast Main Line debacle, Gisela Stuart MP (Pro HS2) says she wants to make sure HS2 is based on accurate and reliable figures.

2 comments to “Even HS2 supporters say HS2 Ltd modelling should be checked”
  1. David Cameron said the people had the right to protest against government
    Policy when they do he now wants to change the rules I do hope the proceeding judge can see that only 4% of people think hs 2 is a good idea and the business case falls down he says we at war with red tape and court cases stoping his policy’s he is one carrying on with this project no one wants so let’s stop this war and cancel. Hs2

  2. Typical reply they carry on using taxpayers money as long as they can without any attempt to justify it.So much for being open it’s a complete and utter farce.The meetings are closed to scrutiny ,what are they trying to hide?

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