ITV Central News on West Coast Main Line franchise débâcle

Includes clip of Joe, and film of Penny Gaines and Fran Heron at the Stop HS2 stand at the Labour Party Conference.

2 comments to “ITV Central News on West Coast Main Line franchise débâcle”
  1. Come on, it raised massive questions about the DfT’s ability to handle complex mathematical models and see beyond their spreadsheets and challenge what the “computer it says” !

    As an example , HS2 Ltd were obliged to run sensitivites on the maximum passenger numbers used. But instead of changing the maximum numbers , they simply put back a few years the point at which those same maximum passenger numbers were reached. Not much of a sensitivity analysis that , is it ?

    We all know about the charade that is the monetary of time saved. And as far as I can make out the Wider Economic Benefits for things like Aglomeration appear to be completely made up.

  2. At this moment in time there is no evidence that the west coast debacle has got any connection or relevance with hs2.

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