FOI Request Uncovers HS2 Plans To Cut Classic Train Services

From HS2 Action Alliance

Many English towns and cities will see their train services cut if High Speed Two (HS2) is built according to an HS2 Ltd report uncovered by HS2 Action Alliance through a Freedom of Information request. The report provides details of cuts to classic train services that are needed to deliver £7.7 billion in savings which make up a critical part of HS2’s already flimsy business case.

HS2 will lead to significant deterioration in services for many towns and cities across the country, including Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington, Stockport, Carlisle, Leicester, Nottingham, Wakefield and Berwick-on-Tweed.

A detailed breakdown of the planned service changes is shown in the tables here (pages 2 and 3)

Commenting on the loss of services, Hilary Wharf, director, HS2AA, said;

“We’ve always known that many of the assumptions that HS2 business case relied on were wildly optimistic. But this analysis goes a step further. By relying on huge cost savings created by reducing existing train services HS2 Ltd shows scant regard for the needs of the vast number of train passengers who will not be able to use or afford tickets for this outrageously expensive white elephant.”

The report detailing the service reduction is titled “Demand and Appraisal Report”, and was prepared by Mott MacDonald, Atkins and the MVA Consultancy and dated April 2012.

2 comments to “FOI Request Uncovers HS2 Plans To Cut Classic Train Services”
  1. Well there you go Mr Waterman. HS2 is a really good idea is it? Just as well you’ve got your own train. You never were going to get HS2 and now it seems they’re cutting your service from Warrington.

    • A nice point, eros, -except that nobody is cutting anything at present, nor would they do so until a new route was up and running- probably after the new West Coast franchise just awarded has run its course…and probably long after many of us and those most vocal on each side are even around.

      But the Government must still plan for the years ahead…and major projects do take years to bring to completion- possibly being modified in the light of developments along the way.

      We don’t know and can only guess as to the needs and habits of would be travellers a decade or so hence- but we don’t have the luxury of sitting still until we find out.

      Meanwhile, as I.T. continues to develop, so too in our cities, more office towers continue to rise.

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