Conservative criticism of HS2

MP for Amersham & Chesham, Cheryl Gillan, criticises HS2 saying it’s very destructive to the environment and not good value for money. She says we need an integrated transport policy with investment in infrastructure now. From Sky News, Sunday 9th September 2012.

Nadine Dorries MP (Con, Mid Bedfordshire) and Stewart Jackson MP (Con, Peterborough) criticise billions of taxpayers’ money being spent on HS2 at the expense of regional and local transport. From Treasury Questions, BBC Parliament 11th September 2012.

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  1. we have heard this all before can we know have some evidence that any expediture on hs2 will be at the expense of regional and local transport. We are seeing record investment in the railways including widespread electrification, IEP, Crossrail Thameslink and oh yes local schemes such as the tram in manchester. so there is not any evidence that hs2 will cause an investment desert.

    it is also bizarre that cheryl gillan thinks that an integrated transport system would not include high capacity high speed rail ! and of course along with less pollution per passenger then air or road transport high speed electric rail also will only take a 22 metre wide strip most of which will be covered back over. i would be far more worried about new runways and airports if i lived in the chilterns especially with the west of heathrow airport being hinted at. I am not saying that the construction of hs2 will not have a large adverse affect on the local area but that once built it will be far less intrusive then more roads or runways. this is the choice.and of course additional pairs of tracks would be the same width as hs2 if they were placed along the existing route and you would affect more people not to mention huge disruption.

    • Whats integrated about an ultra high speed train that doesnt stop between London and Birmingham (20 minutes walk from New Street station as confirmed by hs2 ltd)

      • John, is your comment meant to be rhetorical or what?

        HS2 may be far from ideal, but to suggest that it is no more than a simple “shuttle” ignores the fact that it is to connect at Old Oak Common with Great Western and Crossrail and at Birmingham Interchange with West Coast, Cross Country, London Midland, the Airport and the M6/ M42 -and thence runs not only into Birmingham (on what is really a branch and terminating beside Moor Street), but even at the stage of Phase One ,continues north from the Interchange station to connect into the WCML network clear of the West Midlands conurbation .

        It’s a BYPASS designed to divert the fast traffic away from the congested sections of the existing (historic) network.

        A simplistic caricature such as you portray – and which is still, sadly so often quoted so as to seem to dismiss the project…”just to save 20 minutes”…”pointy trains for fat cats..” etc., repeated ad nauseum, may give heart to those who cannot or will not understand what is intended.

        But it could perhaps help to explain why the Government /HS2 ltd seem so unwilling to engage with those with legitimate concerns and objections- as they would see it,so much rubbish has been written that it’s hard to take it seriously.

        • Obviously our views of integration are miles apart so i see little point in pursuing that. When I am shown the report of an independent body of what our infrastructure (road/rail/air and communications technology) should look like in say 2025 and that includes the current hs2 proposal then I may be convinced but not before.
          As far as your comments on engagement are concerned the appalling record of HS2 Ltd and Dft in treating people properly and far from constructive engagement with Local Authorities,elected representatives,communities and action groups,not to mention the shambles of a consultation has led to alienation and determination to stop HS2

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