Two former Tory Transport Ministers say Stop HS2.

Two former Conservative Transport Ministers have joined the battle to get HS2 cancelled. In what is a welcome boost to campaigners following the revelation that Justine Greening will be required to explain the failures of the HS2 Consultation in court, Lord Cecil Parkinson and Christopher Chope MP have weighed into the argument.

Lord Parkinson said; “I am very sceptical about the whole thing. I see it as of limited value and almost unlimited expense.” He added that he felt the estimates of how many passengers would travel on the new line were “ludicrous”.

Meanwhile, Dorset MP Christopher Chope told The Sunday Telegraph that HS2 is;
“An extremely expensive example of political folly. We would get a lot more bang for our buck from this £32 billion in some new motorways, bypasses and upgrading the existing rail network.”

Stop HS2 Campaign Coordinator said Joe Rukin;
“Slowly but surely we have seen more and more decision makers and people with influence come round to our way of thinking. The problem with so many politicians is that they still know nothing about HS2, have been seduced by the words ‘high speed rail’ and assuming it must be a good idea with no real idea of the actual case for it. The more we keep HS2 in the spotlight and the more people we get our message out to, the more the support crumbles and long may it continue.”

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