Some recent HS2 news stories

Conservative Home blog: Tory movement against wind farms and HS2 is gathering momentum

“The environment is becoming a new source of potential tension within the Coalition and within the Conservative Party….

“Perhaps the biggest clash between the two green worldviews will come over HS2.”

Camden New Journal: Baron of Camden Town fears campaigners – and government’s ‘dither and delay’ – could derail his high-speed rail dream

“THE Baron of Camden Town fears a massive people power campaign could derail his high-speed rail dream.”

“…Lord Adonis’s unwavering devotion to the scheme has led to calls for him to drop Camden from his official title.”

See also letters here and here.

Independent: Diary: Disloyal subjects rail against Baron High-Speed of Camden

“Adonis calls himself Baron of Camden Town. How can he link himself to the area he is intent on destroying is beyond me. It’s disgusting!” a furious tenant, Fran Heron, declared at a public meeting in the borough earlier this week.

Guardian: Spain must halt rail expansion, says expert

“Spain’s investment in high speed rail and airport expansion is threatening its economic recovery, says economics professor

“…In France they are committed to high speed rail, but only when there is a strong business case. It costs much more money to build and maintain high speed rail systems than standard systems. Money Spain does not have,” [Germà Bel] said.

“Bel said funds have consistently been directed away from upgrades to local and commuter lines, which are “falling apart”.”

Birmingham Post: Birmingham Airport could move to be closer to HS2

“Birmingham Airport passenger terminals could be moved more than half a mile east to be closer to the planned HS2 interchange.

“The airport’s runway and airside operations would remain where they are while handling operations – such as check-in, baggage handling and security – would move closer to Birmingham International station, according to chief executive Paul Kehoe.”

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  1. This Baron of Camden seems to wield at lot of power ,someone is making money somewhere.The birmingham airport expansion seems to be proceeding without the HS2 arriving in the near future so I cant see why they are pushing for it so much.Coventry are concerned that business
    will be taken from the city shops as they develop more around Birmingham.The whole thing is just moving everything from one place,developing new areas on green fields and leaving a brownfield site rundown and empty. .

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