Wendover Answers the HS2 Consultation Questions

The Wendover Action Group have made their guide to HS2 consultation Questions available on line here.

It’s got some good ideas to help you answer the questions.

For instance, in their ideas for question one, they suggest alternative ways of supporting economic growth, such as a greater rollout of high speed broadband – which would benefit everyone in the country.

On question six, they list a number of problems with the information provided to date, such as the lack of a proper Environmental Impact Assessment. They are concerned about several different issues, such as the impacts on biodiversity and rare species.

All this issues matter, because this is not just a consultation about things that will effect a few people on the first stretch of the route. There are no plans to have a consultation on the second phase: you get one chance to take part. As they say “other protected areas and historic buildings may be at risk as it goes North”.

If there are areas you care about, which would be ruined by a link that goes further north, please do respond to the consultation: tell the government the ans are environmentally damaging, for questionable economic benefits.

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