Chiltern Society Message to MPs

The Chiltern Society have produced a DVD of the damage HS2 will cause to the Chilterns, with a voice over by Geoffrey Palmer. They are they are sending a copy to every MP in the country.

While this video is specifically of the Chilterns, the destruction is the same all along the route of the line. Beautiful areas of the country will be changed forever if HS2 goes ahead.

PS You can buy a copy for £5 by contacting the Society’s office at the White Hill Centre in Chesham or by calling 01494 771250.

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  1. Yes, using a famous actor to campaign for you and who just happens to live in the area won’t add to the Nimby accusations at all…

    • What’s wrong with that? Think that people who live in the area and see no economic benefit from cutting the area in 2 with a hideous rail line will roll over and take it? Just so that business people can visit the NEC in under an hour for a convention ? They sure as he’ll won’t be visiting Birmingham as a tourist attraction that’s for sure.

      • They sure as he’ll won’t be visiting Birmingham as a tourist attraction that’s for sure.

        Yes, we know. As you Stop HS2 people never tire of telling us, it’s wonderful where you live, there is nowhere else in the country like it, and the rest of the country is a dump that you couldn’t give two hoots about, full of people who should be grateful for what they’ve got. We’ve got the message loud and clear thanks.

        • Oh, I do give 2 hoots. I’m from ‘Up North’ myself. Lots of lovely places outside the ‘Big Smoke’.
          I just think that building an expensive railway to London will make it more of a mega city than it already is. Which is precisely what HS2 will do.
          Balancing the North south divide is completely bogus using this scheme in my view.

  2. Very powerful video
    Watched the report on ITV central news last night (more tonight and tomorrow at 6pm) and was very impressed with the Frankfurt to Cologne train running at a max speed of 180mph alongside an autobahn

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