HS2 Consultation Roadshows restart next week

Next week, the HS2 consultation roadshows will be starting again. If you are interested in HS2, it is worth attending one of the road shows if you can, to get the official view of the project.

We will continue to point out flaws in the government’s case for HS2. But some of these are tucked away in obscure parts of documents (like the missing maps). So if you spot anything odd in the Department for Transport leaflets handed out at roadshows, please let us know.

Also, if you live near the line, you will have local information about the route which HS2 Ltd may have ignored. It is important to highlight this to the Department for Transport officials and by using their response forms, to ensure that this is taken into account later.

Next week the roadshows will be:

May 9, 2011
Chalfont St. Giles Mobile Exhibition
Location: Blizzards Yard Car Park

May 10-11, 2011
Aylesbury Exhibition
Location: Stoke Mandeville Stadium

May 12th, 2011
Great Missenden Mobile Exhibition
Location: Link Road Car Park

May 13-14th, 2011
Wendover Exhibition
Location: Wendover Memorial Hall

4 comments to “HS2 Consultation Roadshows restart next week”
  1. I did ask HS2 Ltd why in the consultation they persist in calling HS2 ‘high speed raill when it is actually super high speed and hence a totally different beast. I did question HS2 do we have to ans all the questions? They said no you could just write a letter, but they were concerned it might be ambiguous!!! They said they had worded the questions so that there wasn’t any ambiguity when analysing the answers.
    Just how dumb do they think we are.

  2. I phoned HS2 and asked how they would be analysing and reporting on the consultation results and got no real answer—does anyone know please?

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